The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 490: Infinite Tsukuyomi

Chapter 489: Madaras Death

The energy burst out of Madaras Rinne Sharingan instantly as he shouted the name of his technique.

“Limbo: Destroy the Prisons Borders!”


Instantly, all the shadows in the Limbo World disappeared. At the same time, the world inside started trembling, shaking, and shrinking quickly. Simultaneously, countless sharp blackthorns burst out of its targeting Naito in the middle.

“Hes actually using the shadow world to attack me? He never revealed this technique in the original.”

Naito sensed the shadow thorns around, then shook his head, saying: “But… its useless.”


Out of Naitos body, a violent, shocking force suddenly burst out in all directions distorting the surrounding space!

With that, all of the shadow thorns collapsed instantly.

“This isnt over yet!”

Madara maintained forming the hand sign.

At first, he was surprised by Naitos strength, then he cried out loud; obviously, he was exerting his full strength.


Instantly, the Limbo World shrank to the limit, completely enclosing Naito in it, then shrink even more fiercely, leaving nothing behind!

The Limbo World seemed to have kneaded Naito in it, then finally burst apart.


This time, the Limbo World explosion has even affected the realm of the Shinobi World, causing the world to overturn for a moment, then suddenly a terrifying huge cut appeared in the void and spread to an endless distance.

This devastating scene horrified Onoki and the others, but fortunately, they had already retreated a long distance were was no harm.

In the center of the explosion, even pitch-black huge space crack appeared.

However, this crack couldnt affect Madara. Since he finally got rid of Naito, he calmly floated in the air looking at the crack.

“Its over.”

“No matter how strong he is, its impossible to block this technique.”

Seeing that Naito seemed to have finally disappeared without leaving any trace, and the black space crack gradually began to heal, Madara raised his head proudly to look at the sky, preparing to start the Infinite Tsukuyomi.



The black crack that was closing a moment ago received a big energy shot and instantly broke again!

Madara looked shocked as he saw two illusionary hands suddenly grasping the edges of the cracked space and tearing it fiercely.


The cracks in the space slowly disappeared, as the illusory figure that stepped out of it gradually regained its colors, reforming Naitos appearance.

“Its really worthy of the Rinne Sharingan. Although its not comparable to Amenominka, it really has the power to destroy the world.”

Naitos body was unscathed; without even a tear on his clothes, he stood there calmly looking at Madara.

This is simply incredible!

Impossible, unless… Naito has already surpassed the power of the Six Paths!

“Come on, dont show that expression. In fact, you have already caused me to consume some of my strength… even though it was only a little of my physical strength.” Looking at Madara, Naito smirked.

Madaras technique, Destroying the Prisons Borders, condensed all of the power in one point, shattered the space, and sucked Naito into the turbulent flow of the void, so Naito ended up consuming a little of his power.

Of course, it was just a bit.

This level of power cant kill Kaguya, so it wont kill Naito too. Even if Madara has become the Juubis Jinchuriki, there is still a qualitative gap between him and Naito.

“Impossible, this is impossible…” Madara looked at Naito in disbelieve.

At this moment, he finally felt the gap!

However, no matter how he tried to find the answer, he never found why there was still such a big gap, even though he awakened the Six Paths power and sealed the Juubi inside him.

“Nothing is impossible.”

Naito looked at Madara faintly, then blasted him with a fist.


The force of shock rushed toward him, and Madara, who has just used the Limbo, couldnt use it again for a short time, nor could he avoid Naitos attack. He had no choice but to use all of the Truth-Seeking Balls to create a barrier in front of him.

However, this barrier was like a mere fragile mirror that was shattered to pieces the moment it the Shock force reached it!

Immediately after that, Madaras body was blown to pieces by Naitos punch!

Even at that moment, Madara couldnt believe how he lost. It was not until his body was completely destroyed that he could accept this fact.

He was wholly resurrected, got the Rinne Sharingan, and became the Juubis Jinchuriki. Compared to his peak period, he was many times stronger, yet he couldnt even be Naitos opponent!

What happened during the time he died?

What did Naito do?!

Madara couldnt find any answers to these questions in that short time, Naitos punch, even a Six Paths body, couldnt bear it. After his body got exploded, he lost consciousness and died.

Watching Madaras death, Naito sighed. As expected, even Six Paths Madara wasnt qualified to make him fight seriously.

From the very beginning, Naito was teasing Madara just like he did with the Five Kage.

Madara failed to make Naito serious.

In the distance, Kage, such as Onoki, Mei, as well as some ninjas from the Shinobi Allied Forces, such as Sakura, Hinata, and others, gathered around.

At this time, almost everyone was in disbelieve.

Uchiha Madara… died just like that?!

Uchiha Madara, who had gained the power of the Six Paths, seemed to be equal to Naito and seemed to even be able to have an earth-shattering battle with Naito, yet he died silently.

Madaras power couldnt even tear Naitos clothes, and the latter destroyed him with a punch!

Even Uchiha Madara, who awakened the Six Paths powers, isnt Naitos opponent, just how strong is Naito?!

No one could answer this question.

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