The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 490: Infinite Tsukuyomi

is made Naito couldnt help but think of the initial starting point, the “Gura Gura No Mi” fruit that he ate.

That thing… is it really a Devil Fruit?

Or, is it actually…

The traces of suspicion appeared on Naitos expression. And Zetsu realized that Naito wasnt affected by the Infinite Tsukuyomis Genjutsu, and his face darkened.

“That Naito… even though he doesnt have the Rinnegan, he wasnt affected by the Infinite Tsukuyomi? But that doesnt matter, Mother is about to be resurrected, and nothing will remain with her!”

Instantly, Zetsu rose to the sky facing the Rinne Sharingan, then performed a seal using both hands.

“God Tree!”


The earth roared and trembled. This time it was the entire land of the Shinobi World. Thick roots growing out of the ground and extending out simultaneously, wrapping everyone in it and connecting them with the sacred tree.

At the same time, the endless Chakra began to surge wildly after being drawn out of everyone.

This time, using the entire world, Kaguyas will was gathered along with the Chakra flow, that was bursting out of the God Tree and even visible to the naked eye.

The Chakra wasnt only extracted from the ninjas. It was being drained out from every source of Chakra in the Shinobi World, even dragon veins itself.

Naito floated in the sky, watching this scene quietly.

Inside that endless flow of Chakra, a figure full of majesty gradually emerged.

Zetsu attached to it, looking at Naito with a smug grin.

Naito didnt move for a while. He was just floating in the air. And Zetsu thought that Naito must have never expected something like, and was shocked, so he couldnt do anything.

Of course, even if he did, it would have been impossible to stop it after it has started. From the moment the Infinite Tsukuyomi was cast, nothing would have able to Kaguya from being resurrected!

“Naito, although youre very strong, you forced me to hide for a long time, but I finally completed the last step. Now everything will be over!”

“Yeah, everything is over.”

Naito looked at Zetsu, glanced at Kaguya as she gathered her power, then shook his head slightly, and looked again at Zetsu indifferently.

The way he looked at him made Zetsus mind tremble because Naito didnt seem stunned, but as if he had foreseen this a long time ago!

Impossible, impossible!

Zetsu took a deep breath and tried to remain calm is he reminded himself that everything has been going according to his plan. Then he gritted his teeth and said: “Whatever youre planning to do is useless, my mother will be resurrected soon. Shes the Progenitor of Chakra, shes…”

“Otsutsuki Kaguya, right?”

Naito interrupted Zetsus words and looked at him indifferently as if he was an existence even higher than the mother he was talking about.

“It must be really difficult for you since you regard yourself as the person who wrote the entire history of the Shinobi World. Or should I call you Kaguyas third son, Hagoromos younger brother? or maybe you prefer Kaguyas Will Materialisation?”

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