The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 492: The Final Battle

Chapter 491: Two God Trees

Naitos tone was very light, but when it was heard by Zetsu, it felt like if it was a rumbling thunder!

If he was a human, the cold sweat would have soaked his back!

He looked at Naito horrifiedly and said in disbelieve: “You bastard, how did you know, is it Hagoromo… No! Even Hagoromo doesnt know of my existence…”

Panicking, Zetsu looked at Kaguya, who was regaining her form, then gritted his teeth: “Even if you knew everything, nothing would change! Mother has already been resurrected, and you cant stop it!”


Hearing Zetsus words, Naito finally snorted coldly and said, “You really thought that without my consent, this little trick of yours would have succeeded in bringing her back to life?”


This sentence completely roared in Zetsus heart like a thousand bolt of thunder.

For a long time, Zetsu was uneasy because everything went so smoothly, and Naito didnt seem like he was trying to stop him. All that he needed to do is plug any small step to successfully ruin his plan.

If Naito knew all of this and let him carry on and resurrect Kaguya, then what is exactly Naitos purpose?!

Did he also wanted Kaguya… to resurrect?!

Thinking of all of this, Zetsu seemed like he realized something, and with a terrified expression, he looked at Naito and said: “Could it be that… you are…”

Naito knew what Zetsu thought of, the enemies that even Kaguya feared, Otsutsuki Momoshiki and Kinshiki.

In shock, Zetsu quickly leaned toward Kaguyas body, who had almost regained her consciousness and wanted to attach to her.

But Naito pointed at him indifferently, saying: “You no longer need to exist.”


A sharp shout emitted, but Naito has already flickered his fingers.


Zetsus horrified expression froze on his face, his body abruptly stagnated, then it exploded as if he was a bubble.

Zetsu died!


The person who asked him to stop was unexpectedly the ultimately resurrected Kaguya, but her reactions were a bit late, and couldnt stop Naito from killing Zetsu.

After his body shattered, it turned into countless black fragments and merged into Kaguyas body, and with that, Kaguyas will was finally completed.

Naito could clearly perceive that the Shinobi World was emptied from Kaguyas will.

Kaguyas will was finally assembled.

In other words, as long as he defeats Kaguya in front of him, and then seal the Infinite Tsukuyomi and the God Tree, everything will be over!


Although Kaguya was extremely angry because Naito killed Zetsu, she didnt directly act but looked at him with icy eyes.

“Unexpectedly, the second fruit of the sacred tree appeared after my death.”

Hearing Kaguyas words, Naito didnt look surprised. Earlier, when he sensed the God Tree and the Chakra that was gathering from every source of Chakra in this world, he had figured this out.

And Kaguyas words finally completely confirmed Naitos suspicion.

“To be precise, it should be the God Tree Seed.” Looking at Kaguya in front of him, while sensing the power brewing inside her, Naito shook his head slightly.

A long time ago.

A seed that no one knows where it came from fell into this world. It may have been planted by Kaguyas ancestors, or it may have been sprinkled by Momoshiki and Kinshiki.

After this seed fell into this world, it began to absorb the power of this word and continued to grow, until it finally turned into a towering tree, which is the God Tree.

In order to obtain the fruit of the sacred tree, Kaguya came to this world from a faraway place, ate the fruit of the God Tree, and became the God of this world.

However, she was also afraid that Momoshiki and Kinshiki would come to grab the fruit of the God Tree, so she created the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and those were enveloped by it would gradually become her army, the White Zetsu. These werent just her soldiers, but they were also supposed to be her Chakra stage props.

All that she wanted is more Chakra and stronger power.

After that, her two sons, Hagoromo and Hamura, joined their powers to seal her, and completely disperse her power into countless shares.

The source of all these powers is the fruit of the sacred tree.

And the thing that Naito ate and looked like a Devil Fruit was actually the second seed of the God Tree that fell into the Shinobi World.

Since the Shinobi World continued to develop and the God Tree continued to grow while Kaguya was sealed off, it produced another seed. And if anyone else eats its fruit, he will become the second Progenitor of Chakra.

However, before it could make roots, it was discovered by Naito, and he ate it. Because it was just a seed and didnt draw any power from this world, Naito, who ate the God Tree seed, needed to practice continuously to improve his strength.

In the end, Naito finally reached the level of the Progenitor of Chakra.

The so-called shock force can eliminate the effects of all kinds of Genjustu and even destroy the Truth-Seeking Balls. In fact, it is the source of all powers.

Kaguyas God Tree gave her the power of the Truth-Seeking Balls and Dojutsu, and Naitos God Tree gave him the power of the Truth-Seeking Balls too, but it didnt give him Dojutsu, it gave him the Shock Force.

Two God Tree, one is inclined to the spiritual level, which controls everything with the Dojutsu, and the other is inclined to the physical level, which is to destroy everything.

“The seed of the God Tree…”

Kaguya looked down, while muttered to himself, even Naito didnt know what she was thinking.

Suddenly she raised her gaze again, then stared at Naito, revealing a strong desire and greed, and with a tone filled with cold killing intent, Kaguya said, “Only I should have Chakra!”

Kaguyas desire was longing for Naitos power. If she can take his power and merge the power of two Tree Gods, she can become even stronger!

Perhaps at that time, even those enemies from her origins will fear her and leave her be, and she wouldnt even need to transform soldiers any more!

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