The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 492: The Final Battle

dnt expect Naitos power to be so terrifying. Even the Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack that she put all of her power in it wasnt an opponent at all.

Her Rinne Sharingan at that moment suddenly flickered, and the whole realm changed again, and they appeared instantly inside an acid-filled ocean realm.

There seems to be no air in this world, and it was entirely made of acid.

The effect of Naitos punch was left in the Magma World, while Naito and Kaguya fell into this acid ocean.


Instantly, Naitos cloak showed signs of corrosion.

This was a first. Any regular acid wouldnt affect Naitos clothes even if it was ten times stronger, but this place belongs to Kaguyas space, so these acid liquid here are also part of her power, and it contains the Six Paths strength.


Naitos looked right and left, but he didnt panic. His mind was as calm as ever, and his body suddenly turned into an acid form, which somewhat surprised Kaguya!

If Kaguyas body is immortal with super-regenerative ability, then Naitos body is on a higher level of ever-changing, even if it is this acid, his body can transform and blend to it instantly.

“This guys abilities are very strange.”

Kaguya merged into the surrounding space and didnt reveal her self. When the Eighty Gods Vacuum attack was smashed by Naito, she knew she couldnt fight against Naito head-on.

“However, even if your body can turn into an acid, as long as its caught, you will definitely die!”

Kaguya, who was hidden, stared at Naito coldly, then suddenly opened a space portal behind Naito, and with a wave of her hand, a gray bone suddenly fell on Naitos body.

All-Killing Ash Bones!

This technique is far superior to Kimimaros Shikotsumyaku, and what is brewing in it is a powerful and extremely energy that can kill even a user of the Six Paths strength!

Naitos Ultra Perceive has long been sensing everything around him, and he clearly saw it as soon as the portal was opened. At will, his body turned into the illusory form and rushed toward the space portal.


The killing bones penetrated Naitos body but left no trace as if it was utterly ineffective to him. Suddenly as the space portal was closing, Naitos hand grabbed its edges and torn it severely.


Like the sound of shattered glass, the entire space trembled fiercely and suddenly exploded.

After all, this place was just a small world created by Kaguya, it wasnt the Shinobi World, and the spatial structure was less stable than the Shinobi realm.

“This is impossible!”

Kaguya, who was hiding in the cracks of the space, looked shocked.

Its not because Naito ignored her All-Killing Ash Bones, it was due to the fact that he fiercely tore open the space portal created by her with his hands!

Naito doesnt seem to be able to create a space portal, but he can use a more violent ay to forcefully smash the space and tear it out.

Moreover, All-Killing Ash bones passed through his body, Naito turned to a kind of illusory form, completely ignoring her attack.

This technique may have an unbelievable power on ordinary Six Paths users, but its entirely ineffective for Naito.

After severely tearing apart the space portal, Naito stepped into it without hesitation.

This was a dark world, or a gap in space, where countless crystal wall-like space can be vaguely seen.

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