The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 496: Momoshiki And Kinshiki

Chapter 495: Yuu Keiko


The Fourth Shinobi World War was over with Naito ending everything.

Everyone was inside the Infinite Tsukuyomis Genjutsu, and they knew in their hearts that it was Naito who released them and saved the entire Shinobi World.

Whether it is the Shinobi of the Sand or the Rock, those who have hated Naito, feared Naito, and even ordinary people in the Shinobi World turned to be reverencing Naito.

Of course, Naito can destroy the Shinobi World with a wave of his hand, and the power he possesses is still terrifying, but Naito and Kaguyas are different. Since the end of the Four War, he has hardly appeared in the Shinobi World.

With that, Naitos name became more like a legend. And as time passed, no only Konoha but other major villages also built stone statues of Naito and enshrined them.

Numerous years ago, there was a goddess called Otsutsuki Kaguya.

Now, countless years later, Naito was also revered as a God.

Not God of Shinobi, because he would still be regarded as a ninja; in the eyes of many people, Naito was no longer a ninja, but a true God.


In a space parallel to the Shinobi World.

This dimension was a sacred place similar to Mount Myoboku or Cave Ryuchi, but even more special.

This dimension was created by Naito, so he and Kushina can live in it. However, Tsunade, Konan, Hinata, Anko, and others occasionally come here too.

Of course, this dimension wasnt huge. After all, Naitos power tends to destroy more than creating. Although Kaguyas fruit was left behind after her death, he didnt eat it. Naito wasnt like Kaguya, even though he realizes that it contains a lot of power.

He used this fruit for research purposes, and after he finished studying its mystery, he gave it to Kushina.

Although the remaining power inside it isnt much, it was still enough to help Kushina step into the Six Paths Level, but it seems that Kushina isnt able to reach, for some special reasons, Kaguyas level.

Naito guessed that perhaps the reason was that Kaguya isnt from this world, and Kushina could only be regarded as Kaguyas offspring. And even if she ate the fruit of the God Tree, it would be challenging to reach Kaguyas level.

But this was enough. Kushina never cared about power. Today, although shes not as strong as Kaguya, time cant affect her body.

Under the clear blue sky, Naito was lying on the grass.

“Naito, have you seen Keiko-Chan?”

(Note: Keiko: Happy Child)

Kushina looked extremely worried as she walked to Naito.

Naito tilted his head slightly, looked at Kushina, then he smiled, “Dont look for her, this time she isnt hiding, she ran to the Shinobi World. I didnt expect her to be able to open a portal channel that connects this dimension to the Shinobi World.”

“She went to the Shinobi World?!”

Kushina was startled, stared at Naito with wide eyes, and then said, “Why didnt you stop her? Shes only ten years old, what if she encounters some dangerous people?!”


Naito sat up, took Kushina in her arms, and smiled, “She inherited both my power and yours, who would be able to hurt her in the Shinobi World.”

“Thats not enough! Shes still young, no matter how strong she is, they would still be able to trick her.” Kushina stared at Naito, dissatisfied.

Naito laughed and said helplessly: “Well, let me see where she is.”

As he said, Naito wiped the void in front of him, and a mirror appeared, and inside it, there was the Shinobi World.


“This place looks very fun.”

With a pair of pink ponytails, a cute little girl, who is about ten years old, stood on the top of a cliff. Her big cute eyes blinked a few times as she looked at the bottom.

Not only that, she isnt afraid of the height of the cliff, but she was even smiling, looking below at the valley, and then suddenly jumped down.


She didnt fall, but floated in the air, flew for a while in this valley, then finally fell to the bottom.

“Thats right, Im sure I saw something here just now.”

Keiko circled around twice curiously as she found some weird things that looked like they have been using for experiments, displayed at the bottom of this valley.

Suddenly, the rock wall on the side was slightly opened, and a figure emerged from it, with a pair of snake pupils.

It was Orochimaru.

He stared at the little girl in front of him, showing a slightly surprised expression. How did this little girl discover his secret place, and how did she get here?

Looking up at the cliff, Orochimaru found this weird. But also felt a sense of eagerness to catch this girl and study her.

So he walked toward Keiko.

However, before Orochimaru could use any means to capture her, Keiko seemed to have sensed something, and suddenly turned around and saw Orochimaru.

Ordinary people will almost be scared to death when they see Orochimaru, even if theyre Jonin, they will be frightened just by a gaze from him, but this girl wasnt afraid. On the contrary, she blinked, with a curious expression.

“Hey, how did you come here?”

Orochimarus mouth twitched slightly. This seems to be the question he should ask!

He didnt know how this little girl appeared here and how she found him, but she doesnt look afraid of him, so he could tell that something was wrong here.

However, the eagerness to catch her and study her was still there in his heart.

It has been ten years since the day Naito disappeared from the Shinobi World. And since he left, no one this world can threaten Orochimarus life anymore.

“Its not good to just break into someone elses house like this.”

Orochimaru showed a slightly wicked expression at Keiko.

“Is this your home?” Keiko looked surprised. And just when Orochimaru was about to step forward to catch her, she suddenly showed a proud expression and said: “So from today on, this place is mine!”

After saying this, Keiko smirked, then took a punching stance.

When Orochimaru heard her words, he wanted to laugh. But the moment he saw that smirk and stance, he suddenly felt that it was too familiar.

As a result, he opened his Mongekyou Sharingan and looked at her.

With one glance, Orochimaru was startled, and with every second, he was getting even more horrified.

The power brewing inside her little fist is so familiar!

“Wait… Are you…!”

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