The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 497: One or Two Punches

”It ’s useless for you too, it doesn ’t matter if you… uh?! ”

Momoshikionce again stretched his hand, ready to absorb Naito ’s attack, but this time, he couldn ’t suck anything!


Naito ’s punch fell, and the air suddenly burst, and a white pillar of light slammed Momoshiki ’s body.

”Impossible… I couldn ’t absorb it! ”

Momoshiki quickly crossed his arms in front of him and abruptly tried to resist this attack, but there was still a hint of a shock on his face.

”No! No! How can this?! He didn ’t use any Chakra! ”

”You ’ve guessed right. But also too late. ”

Naito looked at Momoshiki, with a smirk on his face. Even if he could absorb Chakra, and his Shock Force, so what? ”

With his physical strength alone, he can use the Evening Elephant!

Moreover, Naito ’s evening elephants were way stronger than Gai ’s.

”It seems that you ’re a bit strong. If one punch won ’t kill you, so… ”

Naito watched Momoshiki struggling to block his blow, and suddenly he smirked, made a fist, and threw another one.

Naito didn ’t even bother to move. He just stood there and threw a second one.

”Two Steps! ”


The barely standing Momoshiki, who blocked the first one, couldn ’t stop the second one, and he got directly blasted into the ground without even making a sound.


Naito flew over, looking at the deep hole he created in the ground, then shook his head.

”So, he couldn ’t stop the second one? ”

Naito, who was about to give him another one, shook his head when he saw him collapsed there. As expected, there isn ’t an enemy in this world who he cannot defeat with one punch. If not, the second would be enough.

”Caugh! Damn… ”

Momoshiki flew out of the pit. His gazes at Naito were no longer arrogant, but instead, he was gritting his teeth with a furious look on his face.

Someone like him, who traveled to the endless space, and absorbed a lot of people ’s Chakra, has never been so embarrassed!

Just after Momoshik flew out, Kinshiki also crawled out of the other pit with a body full of scars.

Naito didn ’t plan on giving these two a chance, but with a flash, he appeared in front of Momoshiki and punched him directly.

Evening Elephant!

However, this time, Kinshiki suddenly rushed at high speed and abruptly blocked Naito ’s punch.

”Momoshiki-Sama! ”

”I know. ”

Watching Kinshiki blocking Naito ’s punch with his body, Momoshiki suddenly stretched his hand out with hesitation.


Suddenly, Kinshiki twisted and then turned into a strange fruit, which looked very familiar to the fruit Kaguya left after she died.

And without hesitation, Momoshiki swallowed it, and with a roar, the whole person suddenly changed.

Huge energy suddenly surged violently. Momoshiki ’s body got bigger, and purple Rinnegan eyes appeared on his forehead, and both his hands!

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