The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 5: Uchiha Izumi

Yuu looked conflicted, he was thankful Kushina was will to go that far for him despite being talentless in ninjutsu, but being under protection just doesnt sit well with him. With a grieved look, Yuu went back to his room, he was clearly restless. Without anything else better to do, he started training again.

One hundred and twenty-six… one hundred and twenty-seven!

Two hundred and thirty-one… two hundred and thirty-two!

Silently counting his push-ups, his body already soaked of sweat.

There was already a puddle on the ground, it was even beginning to stain.

As tired as he was, remembering his mediocre past life, his accident. He couldnt accept being weak.

His arm went numb, squeezing every bit of power he could conjure up from his already weak arms. Relying on his will to go on, to break the limits of his body.

Last time, Yuu only made 276

This time, hes already made 320. He gnashed his teeth as his arms began to lose power.

He wanted to reach 350, yet he came up short on 345. Unable to keep going, he crashed on the floor, his breaths were shallow and fast. Yuu has done significantly more than last time, for the purpose of breaking his limits.

[Heh.. heh… hah… good. The next goal should be to increase it by at least a hundred. Without training this hard, its impossible to catch up with the students in the academy.] Yuu said to himself as he panted.

He couldnt even feel his arms anymore, yet his eyes never lost fire, he became more determined.

After resting for a while, he barely had enough to power his legs as he got up. He set his position and started squatting.

[Hooh… This time, more than a hundred squats!] said Yuu

Repeating his movements, not only to reach his set goal but to surpass it.

Yuu didnt even notice how much he sweat. The puddle was getting bigger.

He performed 160 squats. He was happy with it, as he surpassed his own goal.

Summoning the last of his strength, he dragged his body to his bed, and immediately fell asleep (t/n: at least get a dip in barrel first man)

As often as he does extreme training, he could still recover with a good nights sleep. After all, this world is full of characters that could perform superhuman feats, even if Yuu struggle at molding chakra and performing ninjutsu, his chakra circulation still reinforces his body to withstand torturous training.


The next day Yuu woke up without feeling wear from yesterdays training. He stood up feeling reinvigorated.

[I broke two of my limits yesterday, it seems like my body got enhanced a bit]

He closed his fist and felt his enhanced strength, Yuu could not help but smirk.

[It would be nice if I can break through my limits every day] Yuu thought to himself as he went outside and walked towards his training area

It might have been a result of eating the fruit, maybe his new pseudo-bloodline was playing a role in giving a positive feedback from his arduous training.

The quaking power of his new ability is limited by the amount of power his fist can produce

[Lets try the ability again this time] Yuu thought

He could hardly suppress his excitement, clenched his fist, bent his arm. The white halo surrounded his fist as he threw it at an empty space.


As his fist flew and hit his target, the halo suddenly burst


Space where he hit his fist suddenly had cracks as if it were a broken fragile glass. The cracks were slim, yet he knew it had more power than before…

[Sure enough, the ability was enhanced yet its unfortunate, my overall strength is still quite low, its reach is still short]

He felt the range of his quaking ability only reached about a meter away from his fist. Of course, the range would also improve along as he trains.

For now, his ability would only be effective in melee. Yuu currently still has no techniques for long range.

An idea dawned upon Yuu. he took out a kunai from his pouch and held it. The kunai suddenly had a layer of white light. He threw it at a faraway tree.


Nailed to the tree, the white light surrounding the kunai disappeared as small spatial cracks formed around the area where it penetrated.


The tree then shook as the superficial layer of the trunk broke apart.

[Trying to use the ability this way appeared to diminish some of my abilitys power, no matter, its enough for now] Yuu said as he grinned.

[In the future I could imbue it with my chakra nature, it would enhance its penetrating power] Yuu thought as he went to the tree and pulled the kunai

He looked at the effect of his ability. Fairly satisfied, he nodded and went in the direction of the shinobi academy

[There is a one-on-one test today, I cannot train heavily to conserve my strength]

He stopped by his apartment and ate a meal first before going to the academy

The shinobi academy was founded by Senju Tobirama out of military necessity, to nurture the next generation of shinobi, and to create a standardized shinobi force.

Presently, the number of the students in the academy was still low compared to canon as many clans were in decline. An exception was the Uchiha, they were still strong with many members. For ordinary village families though, they can only stand aside and look up to the prestigious clans.

[You came…]

When Yuu walked into the classroom, Kushina greeted him. Yuu thought that she would be the only one who would greet him too. Other students outright ignored him, some even glared at him.

[Yep] Yuu said as he smiled at the redhead

He went to sit in his place while Kushina, still looking at him said

[I gave you an ointment last night, did you bring it?]

[Ugh…I forgot?]

[Why are you so careless?? How are you going to take care of yourself later if you got hurt?] Kushina said while having bulging, angry face

[…] Yuu was silently getting annoyed

[Argh, why does she think that me getting injured would be a sure thing? She doesnt really have any confidence in me does she?]

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