The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 500: Nauito Vs. Mihawk

ito from a distance, Mihawk held Yoru with one hand, raised it high, then swung it down.


Instantly, a cyan sword energy tore the earth, whistling towards Naito like a blue dragon.

”This is a purely physical slash… and it ’s very powerful. ”

Seeing this sword energy tearing everything through, as if it was gonna cut everything on its way into two, Naito was fearless, and there was a flash of happiness on his face.

This kind of sword energy is similar to his shock wave, but the difference is that his Shock Force is an attack that relies on energy, but this sword energy is simply a slash with a sword!

This blue dragon-like sword energy power, movement, and the way it was released were all clear in Naito ’s perception, and the whole process kept replaying in detail several times in Naito ’s mind.

At the next moment, Naito also raised his sword, then waved it.


A golden energy sword suddenly rushed out, took the form of a heavenly golden dragon, then tore the earth as it swept forward.

The two sword energies suddenly collided, and suddenly a thunderous roar was emitted.


In the confrontation between these two dragons, the earth suddenly split, as if it turned into an abyss, and the cracks spread to both sides instantly.

At the same time, Naito ’s sword energy was defeated, and the cyan sword energy continued to fly toward Naito, but its color was dimmed a lot.

”It ’s powerful. ”

His sword energy couldn ’t stop Mihawk ’s, but Naito didn ’t expect any less. He just learned how to use it, and if the sword energy he can surpass Mihawk ’s, then this so-called world ’s greatest swordsman title would be worthless.

In the original, when the war was on top, Diamond Jozu, the Third Division ’s Captain of White Beard ’s Crew, wanted to block Mihawk ’s sword energy. But in the end, he only managed to push it to the sky and let it explode. He couldn ’t completely resist it.

Using such strong sword energy is the ultimate level of swordsmanship!

Naito directly placed the sword in his hand in front of him. The cyan sword aura swept across, then it hit Naito ’s Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, making a loud sound on the impact, and finally exploded.

The violent blue dragon finally shattered, and Naito ’s figure appeared again unharmed, he looked like an unshakable mountain, he blocked Mihawk ’s attack and didn ’t even take a step back; only a piece of his clothes was torn!

”He blocked it?! ”

”He perfectly blocked Mihawk ’s attack… ”

Those in the distance who thought Naito would be killed in seconds watched this scene shocked; they never expected him to block it.

However, Naito ’s sword energy was obviously weaker than Mihawk ’s just now, and Naito should still be unable to defeat him.

Thinking about this, these people looked no longer as shocked as before and continued to observe the battlefield.

”Interesting. ”

Mihawk watched this scene, then a sharp look appeared in his eyes. It wasn ’t sword energy, this time, Mihawk personally rushed towards Naito, and Yoru suddenly fell.

Facing Mihawk ’s cut, Naito swung his sword to greet him without any fear.


Yoru and Kusunagi suddenly collided with each other, making a resonant metallic sound.

The swords collided, and the ground behind Naito was torn apart instantly, creating an abyss that spread to the distance.

However, under this pressure, Naito stood firm and calm and didn ’t take a step back.

If seemed and felt unshakable, as if he has experienced wind and waved ten times stronger than this!

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