The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 507: Marine Headquarters

Chapter 506: Ashes

Analyzing the battle, Naito was clearly hit by his laze beam, but he was unscathed.

”It turns out that you ’re not a Logia user, but a space fruit human. And you used your space ability to evade my attack… ”

There are many kinds of Space Devil Fruits, such as Dora Trafalgar, Op-Op Fruit, and the cp9 Blueno ’s Doa Doa no Mi… it ’s not too rare.

Except for the Op-Op fruit, other space devil fruits are not particularly strong, or the people who ate them didn ’t develop them well.

Law in the original actually used it well within a certain range. He could swap positions without any cooling time; it was simply another version of Sasuke ’s Amenotejikara. Of course, this without mentioning the other abilities.

But even Law didn ’t reach the strength of an admiral.

In this world, the devil fruit alone won ’t carry you to the top, you should also develop other power, and it also depends on the user himself.

There is no doubt that Naito is the strongest and most dangerous space ability user Kizaru has ever seen.

He was completely pushed to a corner, and even though he looked calm, he couldn ’t cool down his vigilance. After all, even though he used the Observation Haki, he couldn ’t dodge Naito ’s attack!

”Wait, it doesn ’t have to be… ” Kizaru seemed to have thought of something again, then looked at Naito incredibly, ”Could it be that you ’ve eaten that Devil Fruit?! ”

He was talking about the most powerful Devil Fruit of this world that only exists in legend, The Space and Time devil fruit.

Like Space Devil Fruit, Time Devil Fruits also exist, such as the slow-slow fruit, but no one has ever seen the Space and Time Devil Fruit. It only exists in legends.

This Space and Time Devil Fruit is not a Paramecia type. Legends say that it ’s a Logia. After eating it, the body can be blend into the void, and the user gains the ability to manipulate space.

As for the Time Devil Fruit, it ’s unclear whether it ’s a Paramecia or a Logia.

Maybe he ate both? But that doesn ’t make sense; no one has ever done that before. Even in the Devil Fruit Book, there wasn ’t much information about the Space Fruit, while Time Fruit doesn ’t even have a single word of description.

”Hey… did you really eat the Time and Space Fruit? ”

Hearing Kizaru ’s words, Naito smirked, then said, ”It ’s a pity that I ’m not a Time and Space Fruit Human. ”

”Is that so… ”

Kizaru was a bit relieved when he heard Naito ’s answer. If it ’s really that legendary devil fruit, it would be too terrifying. No one knows what mysterious power that legendary fruit can grant.

If Naito has only one kind of devil fruit, it ’s okay. It seems that Naito has just awakened his Devil Fruit, and it gave him this ability he used just now.

”So shall we continue… ”

Kizaru was no longer interested in fighting Naito, but he had to continue because he had to gather more information about Naito ’s abilities.

The unknown is often the scariest.

But that move Naito has just used has really terrified him. What if he decides to add Haki next time?

Kizaru didn ’t want to lose his life vainly.

He initially thought that Naito ’s swordsmanship wasn ’t strong, but he became confused after seeing this technique.

Until that moment, he didn ’t believe that Naito really drew with Mihawk. But he can ’t help but confirm it now. It was a real tie, and Naito might have even had the upper hand.

”Forget it, let ’s go to the Marines Headquarter. ”

Looking at Kizaru ’s appearance, Naito had lost interest in fighting with him. He already saw Kizaru ’s abilities and practiced his swordsmanship enough.

Seeing this, Kizaru acted arrogantly and shrugged as if he didn ’t care, but Naito didn ’t bother.

Also, Naito thought that Kizaru was a bit interesting, so he didn ’t try to kill him…

If Kizaru knew that this island would have turned into a battlefield.

Who dare to evaluate a Marines Admiral like this?!

Even the Yonko attach great importance to the admirals. Even if they can ’t look at each other eye to eye, they will never underestimate each other.


Not far from the island, a marine warship docked here.

There were some marines soldiers on the shore, and also others on the warships. At this time, they were all looking at the distance.

”Is it finally over? ”

”This was really scary. If this battle continued, I ’m afraid that the island would have got destroyed. ”

Even the Rear-Admiral on the warship had a look of awe on his face.

In his opinion, since this ”pirate ” decided to provoke Kizaru himself, he should be already dead or crippled.

Whether he ’s dead or disabled, they have to go and carry him. It ’s impossible to let an Admiral do the job of soldiers.

”Hurry up, let ’s go over. ”

After he reacted, the rear admiral immediately spoke in a deep voice, and then with a team of marines soldiers, he was about to rush to the battlefield.

However, before they started moving, they saw a flick of light from a distance. And after a few flashed, Kizaru landed in front of everyone.

”Admiral Borsalino! ”

Seeing how Kizaru returned unscathed, the Rear Admiral and the other marines didn ’t show any surprise.

”You ’re back, Sir. Is that pirate already dead? If that the case, we ’re going over to clean him up. ” The Rear Admiral said respectfully after saluting Kizaru.

Hearing these words, Kizaru ’s expression suddenly changed, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

Although he knew that these guys must have misunderstood the situation, it felt as if they were making fun of him.

”No need to go. ”

Kizaru shook his head helplessly.

”Is that so? Impossible, so you ’ve struck him so hard that he was turned into ashes? ” The Rear Admiral suddenly said in awe after he heard Kizaru ’s answer.

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