The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 510: Time Ability

Chapter 509: Little Teacup

Even though he was using the Armament Haki, he couldn ’t grasp Naito ’s shoulder, which also showed that Naito ’s ability was indeed not a Logia.

Moreover, Naito was indeed sitting there since he could sense him using his Observation Haki, and he ’s obviously not a ghost, so there ’s only this explanation.

Space Ability!

Among all the people present, except Kizaru, who wasn ’t particularly surprised, Garp and Sengoku were obviously a little shocked.

Armament Haki couldn ’t eliminate his skill. Isn ’t this ability almost incomprehensible?!

Naito continued to sit there, drinking his tea, then he smirked and said, ”Since you ’ve invited me into this little game, why don ’t you try and stop one of my moves. ”

As soon as his voice fell, Naito suddenly waved his hand and threw the teacup at Garp.

When the small cup flew out, it seemed to contain some sort of a terrifying force, which made Garp ’s expression changed.

The distance was too short to try and evade, so Garp subconsciously slammed it with a punch.


The cup collided with Garp ’s fist and instantly shattered into powder, but the floor under his feet cracked simultaneously and spread in all directions in the shape of a spider web!

When the cup shattered, the Shock Force crashed on Garp ’s body.

Garp had already wrapped his body into the Armament Haki, so he stubbornly resisted the impact.

But even so, he couldn ’t fully block it and was pushed back a few steps before he completely stopped!

He could release such power just by throwing a little teacup. Even Garp couldn ’t stop him and was pushed back a few feet, which is simply incredible!

This time, even Kizaru, who knew about Naito ’s power, looked shocked, let alone Sengoku.

Watching this scene, Sengoku ’s eyes widened with an unbelievable look.

If he wasn ’t there watching Garp getting pushed back, he wouldn ’t believe that a teacup could do this to him!

Garp also stood there, stunned. Although he was too close just now, and it was difficult to use his strength in such a position, the power released in that little teacup still shocked him.

If Naito shook him back with a punch, he wouldn ’t have been this shocked!

Garp didn ’t know whether Naito used some sort of ability or his pure strength, but in any case, Naito ’s strength was obviously way higher than that of an ordinary Rear Admiral. He ’s at least on the same level as an Admiral!

”I ’m sorry, I broke the floor and the teacup. I don ’t know if I need to compensate you. ” In the shock of everyone, Naito stood up and said casually.

Sengoku hadn ’t reacted yet. Hearing Naito ’s words, he took a deep breath and slowly came back to his senses, then said: ”You don ’t need to worry about it… So are you a Space Fruit Human? ”

Although Sengoku had guessed it, he still asked tentatively. Garp, on the other side, also looked over after fixing his clothes.

”That ’s right. ” Naito didn ’t bother to explain anymore and responded casually.

Hearing Naito ’s answer, Sengoku ’s eyes flashed. After a moment of pondering, he looked at Naito ver solemnly and said, ”Sorry for my rudeness. If you ’re willing to join the Marines, I will grant you the rank of a Vice Admiral! ”

This time, Sengoku ’s tone was more solemn and serious, and there was also a hint of anxiety in it.

Naito ’s strength is at least on the same level as an Admiral, and with that strange, if he wanted to go, even the entire Marines Headquarters won ’t be able to keep him.

If Naito is unwilling to join the Marines but instead wants to become a pirate, it will be really troublesome!

A Vice Admiral is already the limit that Sengoku can give. Although Naito ’s strength already qualifies him to serve as an Admiral, it ’s impossible to quickly out one of the existing Admirals and replaces him with Naito.

”I can join the Marines, but there ’s one condition. ” Naito stood there, with a calm expression.

Hearing this sentence, Sengoku suddenly looked overjoyed and said, ”What conditions? ”

Looking at Sengoku, Naito said lightly, ”It doesn ’t matter what rank or position you ’re going to give me, but I don ’t like being ordered. ”

Sengoku pondered for a moment, then said directly, ”Yes! ”

The conditions that Naito put forward didn ’t exceed the expectations of Sengoku. From what he said just now, it ’s clear that Naito isn ’t the kind of person who is willing to be called around.

Even if he couldn ’t command Naito, it was way better than watching Naito turning into a pirate. Besides, as long as Naito become a marine, he could still be effective.

”That ’s it. ”

Seeing that Sengoku has agreed, Naito nodded slightly. If that ’s his answer, then it ’s a good choice to make the marines a temporary foothold.

In the end, Sengoku still grants Naito the rank of a Vice-Admiral of the Marines Headquarters, but it was a bit similar to Garp ’s status, and no one can order or control him, even an Admiral, and can even participate in high-ranking marines conference.

The only people qualified in such meetings are Sengoku, the three Admirals, ”Great Staff Officer ” Tsuru, Garp, a few other people, and now Naito.

The Marines Headquarter sudden announcement of a new Vice Admiral was major shocking news.

Although the Vice Admiral position wasn ’t limited to only three people like the Admirals, only a few people achieved such a rank, and each of them was famous in the sea.

Moreover, being able to sit in such a position grants you a lot of authority. When delegated to any marines base, he will be the highest officer, second only to an Admiral.

The entire Marines headquarters, except for the new recruits in the camps, were shocked. Even the Admiral themselves didn ’t expect such news.

When everyone later knew that this new Vice Admiral was drawn with Mihawk, the World ’s Greatest Swordsman, they became more shocked.

Simultaneously, the other party also received the news that Naito has joined the Marines, which was beyond most people ’s expectations.

The second half of the Grand Line, the New World.

After the Whitebeard read the newspaper, he suddenly threw it away, took a sip of Sake, and said, ”It seems that he ran away to become the filthy dog of the world government… ”

Marco also shook his head and said, ”A man with no dignity would have never become the Kind of the Sea, even if he didn ’t join the marines. ”

In the marines, almost no one can use Conqueror ’s Haki because it ’s difficult for people who submit to the rules and obey orders to have the will of a king!

The Conqueror ’s Haki is also known as the qualifications possessed by those who rule. If you don ’t have it, you ’re not qualified to rule the sea.

”What a shame. I wanted to talk to him. ”

On the other side, Vista, the Fifth division captain, also shook his head, then stared coldly at the ocean, ”Unexpectedly, he became one of the marines, if that guy ever dares to trouble us… Humph! ”

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