The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 511: Adjutant Ain

body was perfect, and it even gave vibes of noble temperament.

His eyes seemed ordinary, but it seemed as if a deep starry sky was in them. Just looking at each other made Ain lose consciousness for an instant.

Ain was sure that in the entire Marines Headquarters, or in the world as a whole, absolutely no one could be compared with Naito in terms of appearance and aura.

Ain came at a very coincidental time. It happened that Naio has just finished cultivating. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, he would have looked like an ordinary person.

Naito has always adjusted his temperament to avoid such situations.

After standing quietly for a while, Ain suddenly came back to her senses, and a flush appeared on her cheeks. She then lowered her head and never dared to look at him directly again. At the same time, she said in a slightly flustered tone: ”May I ask who you… ”

”Aren ’t you here to report? ”

Looking at her, Naito smiled.

Hearing Naito ’s words, Ain suddenly raised her head again, looking at him with some disbelief, and asked again in doubtfully, ”Are you… ”

”Yuu Naito. ”

Naito nodded at her, then walked behind his desk and sat down casually.

Ain was stunned again.

She had never thought that this young man in front of her was actually the Vice Admiral, Yuu Naito!

Naito, in front of her, seemed to be less than 20 years old. Although he appeared to be at the same age as her, he was already a Vice Admiral!

At that moment, Ain finally remembered why she felt so familiar when she heard Naito ’s name the first time. It was the guy who the newspaper reported that he drew with the world ’s greatest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk!

Later they reported that the young man ’s name was Yuu Naito. If you think of it like this, there should be no surprises. This person in front of her was the one who fought against Mihawk, the World ’s Greatest Swordsman.

What Ain didn ’t expect at all was that Naito will turn out to be a marine and a Vice-Admiral of the Marines Headquarters, who she would assist in the future.

”Sir Yuu Naito! I ’m very sorry, I was so rude just now! ”

After finally reacting, Ain saluted Naito all of a sudden, and at the same time, quickly pressed her inner feelings, and her expression became calm again.

However, the waves of feelings surging in her heart couldn ’t be subdued in a short time.

After saluting Naito, she put the document she was holding on the table in front of Naito. This document was her own information.

It recorded Ain ’s information, her previous experience in the marines, including her Devil Fruit Ability, as well as her height and weight.

However, the measurements weren ’t available.

”It seems that you were an adjutant to another Vice Admiral before. ”

Reading Ain ’s job resume, it seems that she was promoted to a first-grade major a month ago, and she served later as Vice Admiral Onigumo ’s adjutant.

”Yes. ”

Ain nodded, with a slight humble expression. Vice-Admiral Onigumo was known to being very vicious and cruel. He doesn ’t even care about the lives of his subordinates. Ain was still a bit fearful of him.

However, Ain was one of the former Admiral Z ’s disciples who cared a lot about them. Almost everyone in the Marines Headquarters was once a student of Z, including the three current Admirals.

”So… ”

Naito touched his chin and put the documents in his hands on the table.

She had just served as Onigumo for less than a month, but she was forced to come over. It ’s estimated that Onigumo would be very upset now.

Naito thought about it for a moment, then he didn ’t care anymore. Onigumo? Even if it was Akainu himself, so what?!

If he ’s upset, he can come to practice a bit with Naito. After all, that ’s why he wanted to join the marines in the first place. Naito was gonna use them to hone his swordsmanship.

And, of course, more importantly, to study more about Time Ability.

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