The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 512: Return Return Devil Fruit

it was an order, Ain walked to Naito ’s side, stretched her hand, and then couldn ’t help but ask: ”Is there no other way? ”

Naito nodded gently. Looking at the pink Energy in her hands, there was a hint of curiosity and concern in Ain ’s eyes.

Seeing how persistent Naito was, Ain had no choice. The Energy wrapped his body, and at the same time, she said cautiously, ”Please accept my apology, Sir. ”

Instantly, a light flashed, and Naito ’s body began to change strangely.

His body was about 18 or 19 years old, and it suddenly began to get smaller. And in a few seconds, he became a child of only 7 or 8 years old!

However, what is surprising is that his clothes didn ’t fall off directly, but as his body was getting smaller, the clothes shrunk at the same time.

The moment he became smaller, Naito ’s eyes brightened as if he has seen something incredibly amazing.

Simultaneously, a strange aura suddenly rose from Naito ’s body.

Unable to control his momentum and aura with this small body, his true nature was fully revealed.

Even though this reveal wasn ’t deliberate, the feeling he was giving was dignified to the extreme, as if he was an existence that is above everything else!

He looked like a child, but his temperament changed from a mere mortal to a god. Ain on the side was astonished and even had a faint feeling of the need to kneel down!

”This is… ”

This kind of aura and temperament caused a strong impact on Ain ’s heart. Even her teacher Z didn ’t have such an ethereal and godlike aura.

Not to mention, the Fleet Admiral or any of the other Admirals, everything and anything she knew were far away!

Under this strong aura, Ain could only perceive her insignificance, as if Naito in front of her was a god descending on the world!

”The power of time is really mysterious. ”

Naito stood there with his hand behind him. His current appearance as a child made it look really funny, but the aura emerging from his body matched this posture incomparably.

And in the next moment, something unbelievable happened in front of Ain.

Naito ’s body suddenly turned into thousands of light before her eyes, then suddenly regained its initial form of an eighteen or nineteen-year-old appearance!

”This… How is this possible! My ability… ”

Ain, who watched this scene, couldn ’t help but exclaim.

This scene was even more shocking than the aura that Naito ’s body has revealed just now.

Ain knew that her ability cannot be canceled unless she lifts it or lost consciousness.

But she was clearly awake when Naito ’s body turned into thousands of light and regained its form.

It was incredible that Naito could cancel her ability.

Moreover, the lights that emerged right before he gains back his form looked a lot lie Kizaru ’s ability, but this is obviously impossible!

Yuu Naito… what exactly is his ability?!

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