The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 514: Vice Admirals

Chapter 513: Hard To Touch

Although Naito did not have the power to control it, his body has been free from time constraints, and it could hardly leave any trace on him.

After his body returned to its original state, Naito fell into deep thought.

Having personally experienced the power of time, Naito finally faintly touched and began to understand it, but the feeling was like looking at something inside of mist, only the outlines could be felt, and it wasn ’t clear at all.

The scene he saw and the strange feeling he senses, the entire experience kept replaying continuously in his mind. After a while, Naito raised his head and looked at Ain.

”Ain, use your ability again. ”

Ain has been in shock the entire time and still hasn ’t come back to her sense. She suddenly woke up when she heard Naito ’s voice, and couldn ’t help but as in astonishment, ”Sir Naito, how did you do it… ”

”What do you mean? ” Naito frowned.

Ain looked at him incredibly and said, ”You completely canceled my ability… ”

”Well, it ’s more troublesome to explain. All that I can say is that my body is immune to the passage of time. ”

Naito originally wanted to say that the ability of time is not effective on his body, but since it actually made him younger, it was probably effective, so he changed his statement.

Naito ’s vague explanation, on the contrary, made sense to Ain. Just now, Naito ’s body suddenly turned into light and then regained its form. Obviously, it was a special kind of ability similar to the Return Return Devil Fruit.

There are so many kinds of Devil Fruits in this world, and their abilities can be strange. It ’s not surprising that one can make the time advance instead of returning, and it might be Naito ’s ability.

Thinking about this, the shock in Ain ’s heart gradually calmed down.

After hearing Naito ’s order, Ain didn ’t hesitate any more and used her ability on him again.


The pink energy wrapped Naito ’s body again, and then his body slowly began to shrank. However, before he could ultimately turn into a child, the energy dissipated, and then he gained back his form.

After experiencing Ain ’s ability twice, Naito ’s sense of the time became a little clearer. Although it was still like looking at something in the mist, the latter seemed to have faded slightly.

After he kept replaying the experience in his mind, Naito looked at Ain again and said, ”Do it again. ”

”Yes, Sir. ”

Ain nodded respectfully, then used her ability again.

The third time, the fourth, the fifth…

They kept at it until Ain was exhausted physically, then Naito finally asked her to stop.

The Paramecia type of devil fruit generally consumes physical strength.


Naito, who returned to his original state again, took a deep breath. However, he had some traces of disappointment in his eyes because Naito hasn ’t fully grasped the arc of time.

In the process, Naito ’s perception of time became clearer, then the mist faded utterly.

The time is extremely illusory. Although it said to be a timeline, Naito didn ’t know how to describe it. It seems to be a strange power that is perfectly integrated with space and hidden deep inside it.

This power is everywhere and inside everything.

No matter how powerful a person is, it ’s difficult to escape the passage of time.

Naito can clearly perceive the existence of the time force, but like a phantom in a mirror, or like the moon ’s reflection on the water, he can only see it but not touch it.

He tried many times but never succeeded. It seems that it ’s challenging to gain time ability empty-handed. He will still need an introduction.

One to break the mirror, one to turn the moon ’s reflection on the water into reality, only a thing like that can truly give Naito the ability to control the time force.

And it will undoubtedly be the Devil Fruit of time.

There is no need for him to find that legendary devil fruit of time, any kind of Devil Fruit that can manipulate time should be enough!

For Naito, all he needs is guidance to the right path.

”Than you. ”

Seeing how Ain ’s forehead was dripping with sweat, Naito stopped and smiled at her.

”I ’m your adjutant. This is what I should do. ”

Ain smiled sweetly. To work to exhaustion under Naito was much better than being with


Although he occasionally let go of a powerful and ethereal aura that can overwhelm people, in general, he ’s was extremely amiable.

Although she doesn ’t know what Naito was looking for, she is undoubtedly obliged to help Naito as his adjutant.

”Okay, you go to rest first. After that, you will help me collect all the information about time devil fruits. ” Naito nodded slightly at Ain.

He wasn ’t afraid that others will know he was studying time ability, even if they know it, he ’s not the only person in the world who ’s interested in time ability, but surely none could actually study it!

”Yes! ”

After Ain nodded, she stepped aside and then rested.

Seeing Ain sitting there to rest, Naito stretches his body, then suddenly walked to her side and gently touched her forehead with his finger.

Ain opened her eyes in astonishment but suddenly felt strange energy entering her body from the center of her forehead.

This kind of energy caused an instant transformation inside her body.

She could feel that whether it was endurance or physical strength were all doubled, and that energy flowed through her body, directly driving away all of the fatigue away.

This, of course, was Naito ’s Sage Mode Transformation, it worked even in this world, and when Naito finally regains his power, he will easily be able to help her complete all the stages.

”Consider this as a reward for you. ”

Naito smiled at Ain, then he turned around and left the room.

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