The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 514: Vice Admirals

d and looked in one direction, and a smug grin appeared on his face.

”These people… It seems that I don ’t need to look for them one by one. ”

As soon as his voice emitted, Naito ’s figure suddenly faded and disappeared out of thin air.


The Marines Headquarters, the lounge.

As a marine, you don ’t have to go out every day to fight with pirates. Most new recruits receive training in the camp. After graduation, formal marines still have to continue their training.

The marines ’ system is strict for low ranked marines, and for admirals, and even rear admirals, the system becomes very lenient.

At the Admiral ’s rank, even if you ’re lazy and leaves everything to your adjutant, no one object.

As for the Vice Admirals, naturally, they don ’t need to deal with everyday incidents. And even during training, they can relax. Therefore, these kinds of lounges in Marineford exist, where high ranked marines can play cards and spend time.

At this time, a group of Vice Admirals of the Marines Headquarters was sitting in this incredibly spacious lounge.

Four Vice Admirals were sitting there playing cards, while the others are sitting around chatting with each other.

”It ’s been a long time since we got together. ”

”It ’s so busy every day with those pirates being around. ”

”Of course, the area you ’re responsible for is the most troublesome one. Compared to mine, there have been almost no incidents. ”

”Nonsense! There will always be incidents, but you ’re in charge of Red Hair Pirates ’ territory. He ’s one of the Yonko. Even if something goes wrong, they will solve it by themselves. If they can ’t solve it, then neither you. ”

Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral Momonga sighed helplessly, while the other Vice Admiral Dalmatian looked at him snickering.

At this moment, another Vice Admiral walked in.

”What is this? Is there a party? ”

Waving his sword casually, Strawberry walked in, took a look, then said with a surprised expression, ”Momonga, you ’re here too, even though you ’re always busy… it seems that all the Vice-Admiral has made here then? ”

”When you say it like that, it seems to be the case. ”

”No, I don ’t see Garp-San here. ”

”Haha, Garp-Sana doesn ’t count! Strawberry, you ’re still the last one to come. ”

After looking around, the other Vice Admirals were also surprised, then all smiled.

Seeing this, Strawberry smiled too and then walked over. After two steps, he suddenly thought of something.

After stopping, he looked at Momonga and the others and said, ”Speaking of which, it seems that there is still one person missing. ”

”You mean… ”

Momonga immediately figured out what Strawberry meant by that.

In addition to Garp, there is indeed a Vice Admiral who isn ’t here.

At this moment, everyone thought of that person with different expressions.

Time seemed to have stagnated for a moment, then Onigumo suddenly snorted and said, ”You mean that person who lied to the world and steals other people ’s adjutants? ”

”Tsk, Onigumo, why are you so angry? The guy never messed with you? Also, when that incident was reported, Mihawk didn ’t come forward to refute it. How do you know if Naito really lied? ” One of the Vice Admirals looked at Onigumo and said.

Onigumo stared at him coldly, then said, ”He didn ’t mess with me? Although I wasn ’t satisfied with that little girl Ain, as my adjutant, before I could even speak my mind, they transferred her to him just like that! ”

”Hahaha, maybe it was for the best. Ain is one of Master Zephyr ’s disciples. It would have been dangerous if you somehow ended up offending him. ” Another admiral joked.

When Onigumo heard the name Zephyr, he suddenly froze for a moment, but he was still annoyed and said, ”Forge about Ain. That guy called Naito, how did he become a Vice Admiral just after one fight with Mihawk? How old is her?! ”

”Moreover, there are only a few Vice Admirals in the Marines Headquarters that cannot be ordered by Admirals. How can that guy be compared to Garp-San?! ”

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