The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 516: Sword Intent

Chapter 515: Learning Swordsmanship

In the marine headquarters, in the spacious lounge, the cold words of Onigumo echoed.

This time, Vice Admiral, Momonga didn ’t try to stop him, and he fell in silent, with a slightly affronted expression.

Indeed, you can ’t promote someone to a Vice Admiral relying on some information that no one knows if it ’s true or false. Not that only, the guy was given an even superior status. In fact, everyone in here was more or less unhappy about this decision.

”A draw with Mihawk, what a joke! Do you believe that a newcomer who just debuted can pull out such a thing?!

”If that guy dares to stand in my face, I will make sure to show him what true swordsmanship is! ”

Onigumo said coldly, revealing his sword intent. It felt as if the lounge was turned into a bloodbath for a moment.

A weak person would have got intimidated by this sword intent.

However, everyone present was a Vice-Admiral of the Marines Headquarters, almost none of them were weak, and Onigumo ’s killing intent had no effect on them.

However, a faint voice that suddenly emitted made all of their expressions change!

”Oh? You ’re gonna show me what true swordsmanship is? ”

Naito ’s voice came, causing all the Vice Admirals to suddenly turn around.

Everyone saw Naito at a glance, but none of them knew when he showed up, their pupils almost shrank suddenly, each showing a trace of horror, and some even subconsciously clenched their weapons.

Momonga, who was the closest to Naito, had traces of cold sweat on his forehead, and he seemed in disbelief.

The reason why all these Vice Admirals present looked horrified because none of them could sense Naito approaching them!

In other words, no one knows how or when Naito came here.

It seemed that he had just arrived here, but in fact, he was here enough to hear what Onigumo said, which is shocking.

Each of them is a marine that has experienced countless battles. Not only are they extremely experienced, but they are almost masters of the Observation Haki, but they still couldn ’t sense Naito coming!

Doesn ’t this mean that if Naito had just attacked any of them, it ’s likely that this person would have been dead?!

”You… ”

Onigumo ’s face stiffened, and there were evident traces of shock in his eyes.

He also didn ’t notice when Naito appeared!

”I just heard you mentioning true swordsmanship. Do you think you have time to teach me? ” Naito stood there calmly, looking Onigumo indifferently.

Hearing Naito ’s words, Onigumo looked furious.

Naito sneaked on them silently, which can only represent his hidden ability, but it doesn ’t mean that he ’s powerful.

Once it ’s a head-on battle, no matter how sneaky and smart he is, it won ’t make any difference.

Thinking of this, Onigumo calmed down, then he snorted coldly, ”Perfect! I ’ve been waiting for this moment for quite a long time. Show me the strength that took you this far! ”

Oniguro then drew out his sword, and his fierce sword intent suddenly rose up and spread in all directions.

This time, he ultimately released it.

Crack Crack!!

As his sword intent was rising, the wooden floor under his feet seemed to have cracked slightly!

Perceiving Onigumo ’s sword intent, the light flashed in Naito ’s eyes, and when he reached out to the void, a sword emerged out of thin air!


Suddenly, Naito ’s sword intent surged out of his body. It wasn ’t that strong, but it gave people the illusion of him standing above everything else!

The sword intent crushed in all directions and instantly collided with Onigumo ’s. This was an invisible collision of aura, but it burst out with tangible power!

”This is… what?! ”

Almost all the Vice Admirals present stood up together, and some couldn ’t help but exclaim.

Most of them were swordsmen, and those who didn ’t use swords were familiar with swordsmanship, and they could also use the Observation Haki, so they could clearly perceive Naito ’s sword intent.

Even those strong people could feel the extreme dominance revealed in Naito ’s sword intent as if from the very beginning has conquered the world!

Up until this moment, and during their years at service, the Vice Admirals has never felt such a sword intent!

Moreover, Naito ’s killing intent instantly proved for everyone else that he was a swordsman!

Regardless of whether Naito really drew with Mihawk or not, at least this proves that his swordsmanship was genuine, and he didn ’t gain all of that reputation from nothing!

The moment the two sword intents collided, the Vice Admirals fell back since they could no longer stand there, leaving only Naito and Onigumo in the field.

The two ’s sword intents were steadily high, and because of the constant collisions, they continued to exude a stronger aura.

Almost everyone inside the Marines Headquarters turned their head and looked in the lounge ’s direction the moment the two sword intents collided.

”This is… ”

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