The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 516: Sword Intent

sed his full power!

”Interesting swordsmanship. ”

Seeing this technique, Naito ’s eyes looked sharp, and a smug grin appeared on his face.

Facing this powerful technique, Naito didn ’t retreat or try to evade. Instead, he held his Kusanagi no Tsurugi in one hand and swung it lightly.

The angle looked incredibly random and flew smoothly without any force.


The dazzling golden light swept away instantly, slammed Onigumo ’s swords energy cuts, and immediately shattered it.

The impact caused all the wooden floor to crack, exposing the stone ground under the wooden planks.

This is the Marines Headquarters, which can also be called the Marines Fortress. Naturally, it ’s extremely strong. Even if though it was covered by wood, it was only a decoration, and the inside was built from stone.

This kind of stone isn ’t ordinary, but another kind second, only Seastone, which is used for buildings.

Don ’t consider how weak it looked in the original during the war. Such stone is as fragile as a paper under the fist of the Whitebeard. In fact, it ’s sturdiness can withstand even a rain of cannonballs!

The sword energy cuts didn ’t have any effect. It was easily blocked by Naito, which made Onigumo even more furious. He couldn ’t believe that Naito actually had such powerful swordsmanship!

”Eight-Sword Style… Scattered Flowers! ”

Suddenly, Onigumo rushed toward Naito. He who has mastered the Marine ’s Rokushiki techniques was extremely fast and flashed in front of Naito instantly. With the eight swords swinging, the glow on the blade continued to flicker.

This time it was no longer energy sword cuts, but Busoshoku applied on the sword, which makes it extremely hard and sharp. The eight swords mover like wheels, but their offensive power was like a storm!

However, facing Onigumo ’s eight-sword style, Naito still held his Kusanagi no Tsurugi with one hand and swing it up and down, easily blocking all attacks.

The movements were smooth and relaxed; just like Mihawk in the original, he easily blocked Zoro ’s Three-Sword Style with a small knife.

”It ’s really the same as the name of the move. This swordsmanship is scattered. ” Observing Onigumo ’s swordsmanship, Naito said.

Compared with Mihawk ’s swordsmanship Onigumo was way worse. Although he used gathered a lot of energy sword cuts earlier, it was still scattered.

Using just more than a sword doesn ’t make you stronger!

Like Mihawk, Naito didn ’t use any special sword moves, just swung his sword casually, but the sword energy that bursts out with every swing if focused could cut everything!

Mihawk ’s swordsmanship has reached the realm of a great swordsman, and Onigumo was obviously way behind.

Naito ’s swordsmanship was originally weak when he first faced Mihawk, but after the fighting with him and Kizaru, his swordsmanship become strong than Onigumo!

Moreover, Naito ’s sword intent was the domineering kind. As long as his swordsmanship is stronger than the opponent, even if it ’s just a little, it will crush him!

Just like Naito in the past, as long as any attack can ’t block his Shock Force, it will all be crushed by him, and Naito ’s swordsmanship is the same!

This is the essence of his Invincible Sword Intent!

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