The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 518: Heavy Like A Mountain

Chapter 517: The First Step

Onigumo kept swinging and swinging hard with his Eight Swords, but they were all blocked by Naito.

No matter how Onigumo increased the strength, speed, or even used a different technique, he still couldn ’t break Naito ’s defense.

Naito was just swinging his sword lightly and easily, stopping every strike.

”Impossible, impossible… ”

Onigumo made a hideous expression. Even when he used all of his power, he couldn ’t even make Naito take a step back. How could the gap be so big?!

Naito didn ’t even attempt to attack him or take advantage of the openings. He was just passively parrying. However, no matter how many methods he used, he could hardly shake him.

How could Naito be so strong?!

Onigumo couldn ’t accept it. In his opinion, even if Mihawk was the one standing in front of him, the gap wouldn ’t be this big.

The fight between him and Naito was like a child fighting an adult. Even though the kid would use everything possible, like nails and teeth, the adult-only needs to reach out and put his hand on the head to stop him.

”Damn it!!! ”

Onigumo gritted his teeth, and after an angry shout, he fell back, then he placed the eight swords in front of him like a blossomed flower, then rushed toward Naito.


Suddenly Onigumo disappeared after using the Soru, one of the Marine ’s Rokushiki.

Yet this one looked a bit different!

As a Vice-Admiral of the Marines Headquarters, he ’s is proficient in Soru. Naturally, he can also integrate the Rokushiki techniques into his swordsmanship, forming stronger moves.

”Ten Sword Style… The Flowers of Bloom and Death! ”

Nt only eight energy sword cut, be he also sent two Rankyaku with his legs, forming ten energy projectiles that instantly rotated and merged and turned into a beautiful flower!

Instantly, that flower rushed to the sky, and Onigumo rushed toward Naito, then flashed behind him, and kept his posture still.

At this moment, the Marineford wasn ’t limited to the Vice Admirals only, but some other captain who heard the news, and even ordinary marines came.

Seeing this scene, these ordinary marines couldn ’t help but swallow, and one spoke subconsciously.

”What a terrifying swordsmanship, has Vice Admiral, Onigumo already won? ”

”Who is that young man? He forced Vice-Admiral Onigumo to use such a trick, but it should be over. ”

It wasn ’t long since Naito joined the marines, and he didn ’t go out that often, so not to mention these ordinary soldiers, even the admirals, didn ’t know him.

And since it was Onigumo, they thought that a young man like Naito wouldn ’t be able to stop this trick.

However, just when that soldier said that, a Vice Admiral standing in the front suddenly shook his head and said solemnly, No, Onigumo lost. ”

The moment he said that, the two soldiers looked stunned.

Vice-Admiral Onigumo lost?!

What the hell is this?!

These soldiers almost looked in disbelief. However, the changes in the field instantly attracted everyone ’s attention.


A crisp sound emitted, like the sound of steel breaking, and echoed very clearly, reaching everyone ’s ears.

Under the shocked and unbelievable gazes of all the soldiers present, Onigumo fell behind Naito, and the eight swords he was holding cracked almost at the same time and broke!

The eight swords shattered, and the fragments were scattered. Simultaneously, a bloodstain suddenly appeared on Onigumo ’s body, and the blood splashed out of it!


Onigumo ’s body trembled for a while. Unable to keep standing anymore, he fell to the ground with a shocked look in his eyes.

He actually lost!

What made Onigumo in such disbelief is not that he lost, but that he never made Naito move a step from beginning to end!

Even if it was his strongest technique, even when he tried to trick him, Naito took him down without moving!

What a gap!

How could the gap be so big?!

Onigumo stood up with difficulty, then looked at the bloodstains on his body with bitterness.

This scare, it seemed like he hit Naito ’s sword. This something that he never encountered before in the sea, all the way to this day!

At this moment, not just the defeated Onigumo, but all the Vice Admirals of the Marineford, including Momonga, looked solemn.

Onigumo wasn ’t the top Vice Admiral, but he wasn ’t the weakest too. However, in front of Naito, he wasn ’t even qualified to make him move one step!

”This, this… Vice-Admiral Onigumo actually lost?! ”

”Who is that young man?! ”

The ordinary soldiers who didn ’t know Naito were almost in an uproar.

Even now, they were still in disbelief. The dignified marine Vice-Admiral Onigumo actually lost to such a young man.

Who is that young boy in white?! ”

”What a horrifying sword intent… ”

Finally, Momonga spoke slowly and said in a deep voice, ”I have never seen such domineering swordsmanship. As long as he ’s even a bit stronger, he will absolutely destroy his opponent?! ”

Hearing Momonga ’s words, Naito turned around and glanced at him.

Naito actually recognizes Momonga. He was that Vice Admiral who could resist Hancock ’s charm by hitting his leg with a sword.

Hearing that, the other Vice Admiral finally came back to their senses and twisted their brows.

It turned out to be so?

”No wonder Onigumo lost so badly. After all, even the strongest swordsman Mihawk wouldn ’t stand still and take all attacks. ”

Vice Admiral strawberry looked stunned for a while, he was trying to solve the mystery, but it wasn ’t clear to him as it was to Momonga. After he heard these words, he finally understood what happened.

After a while, the Vice-Admiral finally calmed down again. Naito looked at Momonga indifferently, then said, ”Since you seem to under my swordsmanship, then… why don ’t you demonstrate it to everyone, or you know what…? ”

Speaking of this, Naito paused for a while, then glanced at the other Vice Admiral, and said lightly, ”Since all of you here… why don ’t you all try?! ”

These two simple sentences seemed to be like a drop of water falling into a hot oil pan, and the crowd instantly boiled!

Almost everyone was taken aback for a moment, then there was an uproar.

The ordinary soldiers in the rear opened their eyes wide with stunned expressions. Even Momonga and the others were shocked.

Is here challenging all of the Vice Admirals alone?!

Are you kidding me?!

Even if Naito had just defeated Onigumo and was unscathed, it would be too arrogant to challenge all of the Vice Admirals by himself!

He just won against a Vice Admiral, and he now dares to challenge all the Vice Admirals. This is simply madness. Who does he think he is, an Admiral?!

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