The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 518: Heavy Like A Mountain

ed by close combat, instead of two people facing off with Sword Energy Cuts.

The giant sword in the Vice Admiral ’s hand was very long, so he narrowed the distance between him and Naito to the range of his sword ’s reach in one step, then he fiercely swung it.

The hard mountain-like sword intent accompanied by this swing crashed down as if it could split the sea and tear the earth!

It ’s like a mountain, falling from the sky!

”Do you think this will heavy sword overwhelm people with power? ”

Looking at his sword, Naito didn ’t have any panic, but in fact, he looked as calm as ever.

”But… what if you got crushed by a bigger mountain?! ”

While speaking faintly, Naito ’s sword intent suddenly changed, it was still the kind of extremely domineering, but it instantly became extremely heavy, like an unshakable giant tower!

Facing the Vice Admiral ’s heavy sword, Naito didn ’t have the slightest intention of retreating.

On one side, the Vice Admiral ’s sword that was being held by both hands and falling down fiercely; on the other, it was the bright golden sword held with one hand and swung upward.

No matter how you looked at it, it seems that Naito is about to be cut in half.

A few soldiers were even afraid to watch this tragedy and couldn ’t help but close their eyes.


The two swords suddenly collided, but the imaginary scene didn ’t occur.

Instead, the Vice Admiral ’s sword was completely blocked in mid-air, unable to move any further!

Naito ’s thin body, standing there, seemed like an iron nail pierced into the ground, motionless. And the golden sword didn ’t even tremble at all!

On the contrary, the Vice-Admiral, who held his giant sword with both hands, was constantly trembling, and his hands were even shaking!

He widened his eyes suddenly and looked at Naito with disbelief. He couldn ’t believe that Naito could block a full swing from him with that small sword!

Moreover, that golden sword didn ’t even move an inch at the impact, while he barely had a good grip on his sword from the counter-shock.


Finally, he could no longer maintain his foothold, and the giant Vice-Admiral was pushed back with his big sword a few steps backward before he could finally stop!

What made him even more shocked was the cracks on his sword!

”Impossible! Even though I was using Busoshoku Haki… ”

There was an unbelievable look in his eyes. Seeing that his sword was cut was even more shocking than the fact that he was blocked by Naito.

Because he used Busohoku Haki, and he could perceive that Naito didn ’t use it at all!

”It ’s impossible for a sword to be sharp enough to cut through the Busoshoku Haki even if it ’s one of the Supreme Grade Swords… What kind of a sword is that?! ”

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