The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 51: Guarding The Tower

forehead his eyes were full of fear, he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the scroll then he threw it toward Naito.

Naito decided to leave without harming him so he turned around the moment he got the scroll.

Looking at his back, the ninja was clenching his teeth, he wanted to attack him, but he was so scared that he couldnt even move.

“The first scroll… so if I got more scrolls, will I get an exemption from the next rounds of the training?”

Naito murmured that.

Since he decided to stay in front of the tower it wont be simple!

But for him it was an easy matter, tigers will always eat the pigs, this is a rule in this world.

Like Minato, he needed to be the best at everything.

After he learned the Flying Thunder God Technique, he reached another level no one could even stand against him countless of battlefields got crashed by him only.

Madara also chose to follow what he believed so he hid for so long and that was part of his plan, but he eventually failed.

He ended being a rat for so long, but when he came out, he completely controlled the battlefield of the Fourth Shinobi World War and was gonna do more.

Didnt he fear the end?

Uchiha Madara do you fear the end?


He will say that with confidence and he will ask everyone to kneel under his feet!

Therefore, he fought until the last moment and made the fear sneak into every heart in that battlefield.

Naito on the other hand, have the power to wipe out all the candidates!

If this is really the truth, then he will just wipe them out!

If youre afraid to show your strength, you will never be like them, you wont be Minato nor Madara!

Moreover, the more he shines, the more the odds will be on Naitos side.

And it will be more difficult for Danzo and the Uchiha to touch him.

After he got the scroll, Naito didnt choose to enter the tower but put the scroll directly on the ground.

Then he quietly waited for the next person.

Of course, this scene made everyone in the tower shocked.

“not entering the forest and instead he stood in front of the tower waiting for everyone to come, what a confidence.”

“Surely he did good with the first person… but this is not confidence, its arrogance.”

“Does he think that he will always be able to defeat the next one?”

The Anbu ninjas, as well the captain, were observing the entire Valley.

But Naitos behavior caught their eyes.

Even the captain paid more attention to him and snored.

“Hes a very frustrating kid, isnt he? No wonder the captain himself asked me to keep an eye on him… hes really frustrating.

“He could have delivered that scroll, but he chose to stay there and draws more people to block them, but this is wont be easy.”

After he shook his head, the captain continued on observing the other battles.

In his opinion, Naito can block several ninjas and has a good score, then enter the tower.

But also its possible to be defeated directly by someone whos stronger than him, and have all of his scroll taken.

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