The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 520: Back To Back Defeats

Chapter 519: One After Another

”It ’s just a sword that I forged in my spare time. ”

Naito held the Kusanagi no Tsurugi in his hand, looking at the Vice Admiral, and said faintly.

The Vice-Admiral was taken aback and then angrily said, ”Who you think you ’re fooling? ”

How could such a great sword be forged in his spare time? It ’s evident that Naito was just talking nonsense.

Furious, The Vice-Admiral held that giant sword in his hands rushed towards Naito again, and waved fiercely.

This time, The Vice Admiral was really going all out. Without even a trace of reservation, he let out all of his strength.

Although it was unbelievable how he managed to stop him the first time, he probably managed to resist all of that strength by using the ground.

Facing the Vice Admiral ’s swing that was coming upward, Naito moved as he expected and tried to block it with one hand.

Watching this, the Vice Admiral took a deep breath and put all of his power into the swing. At that moment, he made up his mind, even if he couldn ’t defeat Naito, he would at least repulse him!

Ding Dang!!

Instantly, the two swords clashed, and a shock wave swept in all directions.

However, when the two swords clashed, the sound they made was too crisp, as if it was gold and iron!

The shock waved swept past, and this time it wasn ’t only ordinary soldiers that were shocked. Even Vice Admirals like Momonga looked in disbelief.

Because Naito still didn ’t move a step!

Relying on such a sword that he held with one hand, he managed to block the Vice Admiral ’s full force swing without moving!

”This is impossible! This is no longer swordsmanship. This is raw power. How could you be this powerful!! ”

The Vice-Admiral looked at Naito in amazement and awe.

It ’s surprising if Garp possessed such terrifying power, but Naito, who looked so young and thin, to have such dreadful power, it ’s just shocking.

After he blocked the Vice Admiral ’s second swing, the interesting look on Naito ’s face gradually disappeared, and it was replaced by a kind of plainness.

That expression on his face seemed to say that he was above everything.

These two swings were more than enough for Naito to understand the Vice Admiral ’s sword intent. There ’s no special move. That is, he used these two swords to crush people with great force. He was undoubtedly powerful, but in front of Naito, it wasn ’t enough.

”Nothing is impossible. ”

Naito spoke faintly, then parried the Vice Admiral ’s sword, raised the Kusanagi no Tsurugi to the top of his head with one hand, then swung it down.

This swipe was very similar to the Vice Admiral ’s previous strike. Although it wasn ’t the same size as the sword, the feeling it gave to people as it fell down was extremely heavy.

It ’s felt like a mountain falling from the sky!

”This feeling… ”

Watching Naito ’s sword fall, the Vice Admiral ’s face suddenly changed, revealing an even more shocked expression, and subconsciously moved his sword in front of him and greeted him.


Suddenly a roar spread throughout the audience.

The sword felt extremely heavy even to the Giant Vice Admiral, and his feet even smashed the wooden surface and embedded in the stone layer under it!


After blocking that decisive blow, the Vice Admiral ’s sword, even though it was attached by the Busoshoku Haki, it got directly cut!

It ’s better to say that it was broken into pieces as if it was made from plastic!

After the Kusanagi no Tsurugi crushed the Vice Admiral ’s sword, it flicked past his ears lightly, chopped off some of his hair, then stopped by his neck, which instantly made his back soaked with sweat.

The Vice Admiral ’s hands were numb and trembling violently. After such a heavy blow, he finally couldn ’t stand still and fell to the ground with a look of astonishment on his face.

Naito has actually used his technique!

Moreover, Naito ’s sword was actually stronger and heavier than his sword ever been. He, the man who was so proud of his defense, couldn ’t even resist it, his sword got broken, then fell on the ground paralyzed!

The whole audience was silent.

Seeing how the Vice-Admiral was defeated, almost everyone was shocked. Even those Vice Admirals, including Momonga and Doberman, looked stunned.

”He actually lost?! ”

”This, how is this possible! That guy… no, Vice Admiral, Naito is actually stronger?!

Some of the Vice Admiral ’s officers were almost shocked by this fact.

”He actually learned his swordsmanship. ”

”No, he fused it with his own swordsmanship. No wonder he was willing to challenge us all. It turned out that he wants to see all of our swordsmanships to strengthen his own! ”

Momonga and the others, naturally, didn ’t focus on the fact that the Vice-Admiral lost, but on Naito ’s swordsmanship and purpose.

Everyone had a sense of wonder in their eyes. They had never met a swordsman like Naito before!

It ’s no impossible to learn other ’s swordsmanship. If they ’re willing to teach you, you can even learn it quickly, but it ’s incredible to integrate others ’ swordsmanship into your own, and even do it during the battle!

In other words, Naito ’s strength is definitely not just as simple as it seems on the surface, and the kind of power that he just showed when he parried that swing proves that he was even stronger than the Vice-Admiral Towel.

”So you want to use us to sharpen your sword? ”

The Vice-Admiral Doberman took a deep breath, then a sharp look appeared in his eyes as he stepped forward.

Although the marines are not as arrogant as the pirates, they were powerful and famous in the sea. No one will be willing to be other ’s whetstones.

”If you want to use us to sharpen your sword, you must be careful because you might break it! ”

Doberman stepped forward, drew out his sword, and a fierce sword intent rose into the sky, then he shouted at Naito, ”What are you waiting? Come and learn! ”

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