The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 522: Akainu

Chapter 521: Defeat Them All

Even the Fleet Admiral Sengoku couldn ’t sit still after feeling this sword intent.

Soon, Sengoku got the news.

Knowing the ins and outs of the situation, Sengoku was stunned, then he gave a wry smile and sat there holding his forehead while feeling a headache. All of a sudden, Naito challenged all the Vice Admirals. This act can cause problems.

However, this aura that he just felt is the kind that can be compared to Mihawk.

The thought of Naito ’s physical power being able to shock Gap, his Devil Fruit stronger than Kizaru, and his swordsmanship is so terrifying that it is comparable to Mihawk, made Sengoku a bit nervous.

It ’s okay if you try not to think about it, but once you do, it ’s kind of horrifying!

Powerful Devil Fruit, people with strong swordsmanship, others who are physically superior, and many people in the sea like this.

But the sea has never known someone who had the three, which is a bit scary, even to Sengoku.

At this moment, even Sengoku found it a little hard to estimate how strong Naito is!

”Fortunately, that guy ’s Haki doesn ’t seem to be very strong. During this month at the Marineford, he seemed to be still practicing his Haki. It won ’t be easy to master it, but once he does, he will be very strong. ”

Thinking of the last important ability, the Haki, Sengoku ’s heart seemed to have gotten a bit calm.

If Naito was sufficient in Haki, they might have ended announcing him as the new world ’s strongest man instead of Whitebeard!

Whitebeard is now old, it ’s not clear how much strength he could retain, but to Sengoku, he was very clear about what kind of power Whitebeard had at his peak!

Because he and Garp have fought against Whitebeard more than once, and he knew that there aren ’t many people left alive who can bear one fist from that man.

In his peak period, the Whitebeard was at the peak level in speed and physical strength. His Haki was the strongest, and his Devil Fruit was extremely powerful. Even aspect was at the peak, which allowed him to stand at the top of this sea.

Therefore, he was named the World ’s Strongest Man.

This title is not self-proclaimed. Everyone in the sea recognized it!

But all of a sudden, this young man called Naito appeared, and he has all the qualifications to take that title. How could this not make Sengoku feel frightened?

However, from the perspective of Sengoku, Naito ’s Haki seemed to be a shortcoming. If his Haki turns out to be not strong enough, he was still far behind Whitebeard even with all the other aspects at the peak.

In this case, it was still within the acceptable range.


In the lounge.

Solely, Naito stood there with one sword, defeating Vice Admiral after another. By the end of the battle, most of the Vice Admirals wanted to give in immediately.

Many people felt bitter in their hearts and knew that they weren ’t worthy enough for the challenge, but these men who knew the way of the sword once, couldn ’t avoid this battle.

As a swordsman and as the Marines ’ Vice Admirals, they were all high-ranked and well-known swordsmen who believed in their way of the sword. They can ’t just stand back.

Moreover, they were amazed by Naito ’s swordsmanship, and everyone wanted to experience it, even if it meant that they ’re gonna lose.

If they don ’t even dare to fight, why keep being swordsmen, they could just go home and hand off their swords as well.

However, none of the captain or lieutenant below the Vice Admirals ’ rank dared to step forward. If Naito could defeat some of the Vice Admirals with one or two strikes, then stepping forward is just suicidal for low-ranked people.

Finally, the last Vice-Admiral was also defeated, feeling the pressure of Naito ’s sword intent, he couldn ’t even move his sword, and bowed to him with admiration after he sheathed his sword.

This time, everyone was convinced.

Their gazes were no longer full of dissatisfaction and discomfort. They were looking at Naito now with awe and respect.

On this sea, the strong are respected, and this kid is powerful!

The Vice Admirals were all amazed, and the ordinary soldiers kept coming and coming, and they didn ’t wake up from their numbness until Naito finally defeated the last one.

Everyone looked at each other, and they could see the shock in each other ’s eyes. It was indeed like a dreamlike.

All the Vice Admirals were defeated?!

One person defeated all the Vice Admirals of the Marine Headquarters. What an incredible thing!

Even if the hero Garp wasn ’t counted, this is beyond shocking because Naito ’s rank is only a Vice Admiral.

There is no doubt that if Garp wasn ’t still around, Naito would have been ranked the strongest Vice Admiral!

Moreover, he wasn ’t winning with just a slight advantage. He was crushing them one after another!

At that moment, someone couldn ’t help but think of this.

Is Naito ’s strength comparable to that of an admiral?!

In fact, every single marine in the place thought of the same thing.

They didn ’t want to believe it. However, Naito crushed all the Vice Admirals solely, and indeed only admirals can do this!

Vice Admiral Naito, who doesn ’t seem to be older than twenty years old, his strength can already be comparable to an admiral?!

Everyone looked shocked, The Admirals of the Marineford, that is the highest combat power, and the powerhouses who truly stand at the peak of the world!

Is Naito ’s strength really comparable to them?

Most people still couldn ’t believe it. They were more willing to believe that Naito ’s strength has only surpassed all other Vice Admirals and slightly weaker than Admirals.

”The only thing he lacks is Haki. ” One of the Vice Admirals who was defeated whispered.

”Yes, if he could just use Haki, it doesn ’t need to be too strong. He only needs to be proficient. It ’s estimated that he can really match the Admirals. ” Another Vice Admiral said in a deep voice.

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