The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 522: Akainu

d and had no intention to go out to the sea and perform missions or fight pirates.

In Akainu ’s view, he ’s not worthy to even become a simple soldier!

Akainu already regards him as Shichibukai, just like Mihawk.

As an admiral, he can ’t order him around because of his status, but this time, Naito was the center of this incident. It ’s just the best chance for him to teach Naito how things work here. This isn ’t a free sea!

Akainu stared at him coldly, then walked through the crowd straight toward Naito, and said: ”It was you who caused this incident. Fighting allies in such a place. Do you know exactly where this is?! ”

Naito ’s sword intent that converged and rose to the sky, and was about to become one with his body, then steps into a higher level, was interrupted by Akainu.

At this time, Naito finally turned his head and looked at Akainu, but there was a hint of indifference in his eyes when he said, ”So what if I know? ”

Naito didn ’t bother to continue the process after being interrupted by him and dissipated his sword intent.

With that, the pressure that controlled the place for a while was also lifted.

But Naito ’s words made everyone looked dumbfounded.

Naito ’s tone was more than unfriendly. It ’s simply a taste of contempt and provocation!

However, the one standing in front of Naito wasn ’t a Vice Admiral, but an Admiral!

How dare he talk like this to an Admiral, isn ’t he afraid?!

Even Momonga and the others were shocked, especially when they thought of how angry he could be. Everyone couldn ’t help but look at each other.

They were afraid that Naito now will be in big trouble!

Naito ’s words have also made Akainu stunned for a while, and even his strong presence faded for a moment.

But in the next, Akainu ’s heart suddenly burst with monstrous anger, and the entire lounge seemed to suddenly turn into a hot stove!

”Do you know who you ’re talking to?! ”

Drops of magma began to drip off Akainu ’s clenched fist and fell on the stone floor with a sizzling sound, then the wood chips around them ignited instantly.

At this moment, the ordinary marines were sweating profusely because of the heat, and they quite the lounge hurriedly one after another. Only the Vice Admirals remained there, but their faces were also full of awe.

”Oh? And who are you? ”

After hearing Akainu ’s words, Naito took out the Kusanagi no Tsurugi and waved it casually, then gave him a faint glance.

Akainu was stunned again. He felt the anger heating up in his heart, and his blood boiled!

Who is here?! He ’s one of the Three Admirals of the Marineford!

And since the day he becomes an Admiral, he has never met someone who looked at him this carelessly as if he was looking at a passer-by. And the guy even dared to ask who he is!

Just by hearing these words echoing in his mind, Akainu wanted to pierce Naito ’s chest with his bare hands and watch him suffocating while blood is pouring out of his mouth.

Those vice admiral who originally wanted to help Naito by middling in and talk him out of this situation were left dumbfounded. They never expected that Naito wouldn ’t even give him a bit of face.

This is really bad.

Feeling Akainu ’s anger and the terrifying temperature raising, there was a trace of horror in the Vice Admirals ’ eyes, and they didn ’t even dare to speak.

Because this time, Akainu seemed to have turned into a gunpowder keg that can explode at any moment.

Everyone trembled with fear as if they already see the scene where Akainu pierces Naito ’s chest with anger and even causes extensive damage to the Marineford.

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