The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 525: A Visit To The Yonko

Chapter 524: The Fury Of Akainu


The magnificent fortress was destroyed, the square had a big hole in its center, and various floors fell apart. Everything started in the lounge.

In fact, the entire fortress was crumbling. Even if the stone used for construction was second to the sea stone, it couldn ’t withstand this power level.

Naito was standing next to the hole, looking all the way down to the square. He could see Akainu lying there inside the pit and couldn ’t help but shake his head.

”Is this only what my punch can do now? ”

If people knew that Naito wasn ’t satisfied with his punch ’s power, they could probably get nuts.

In the past month, Naito has almost recovered 1% of his strength. Although 2% is still a far journey to full recovery, it was really enough to create a big gap between him and the average level in this realm.

Naito didn ’t use the Shock Force when he punched Akainu just now, but it had already caused a wave mark in the space. If he went all out and used Shock Force, he would have shattered the space!

When the vibration is strong, space gets distorted.

If the distortion is huge, space will shatter.

If space shatters, the world collapses.

Naito ’s power is gradually recovering. The rate isn ’t fast, but it ’s not too slow either. At least for people in this world, Naito ’s current power is already shocking.

The huge roar that emitted upon the impact made the entire Marineford silent for a moment.

When Naito was fighting the other Vice Admiral in the lounge. Although the movement wasn ’t small, some ordinary people didn ’t feel it and couldn ’t tell for sure until they walked over to the lounge.

However, this time no one needed to walk over. Naito sent Akainu to them, so the entire Marineford witnessed it.

This time no one could stand still, and almost every high-ranked marine got out. The first was Kizaru. He saw Akainu being bombarded into the square below, creating a big hole in its center, and couldn ’t help but widen his eyes.

”Did Sakazuki just get blown away? How terrible! ”

Although his tone was playful, Kizaru, floating in the sky, looked at the Marineford with a solemn and vigilant expression.

”Alala, this is really a bit too much. ”

Another figure rushed to the square below, and a layer of ice appeared on his foothold. It was Aokiji.

Aokiji looked at the big hole in the field, then looked back at the fortress behind, tilting his head and showing a helpless expression.

Although fighting in the lounge was a bit against the rules, they were all high-ranked marine officers, and it wasn ’t a big of a deal, but now they even went and destroyed the building and the square as well. Now, this is a big deal.

”Buhahahaha, Naito, did you just beat Sakazuki? ”

At the highest point of the fortress, Garp stood behind the railing, looking at the square below, laughing while eating Senbei.

The Fleet Admiral, Sengoku standing next to Garp, shouted at him with an ugly expression, ”You shut up! Garp, how can you laugh at this?! ”

After scolding Garp, Sengoku couldn ’t help but cover his forehead.

He didn ’t want to have any conflicts involving Naito, so he made sure to remind the three Admiral, and especially Akainu, to stay away from him, yet he ended up getting beat by Naito.

In the square.

At the bottom of the huge pit, the hot lava poured down, melting the ground. Suddenly the magma surged and slowly condensed into Akainu ’s appearance, then he crawled out of the pit.

”Cough! Cough! That bastard… ”

Akainu coughed violently, and the blood poured out of his mouth. Although Naito didn ’t use Haki, that punch seemed to carry some weird vibration-like force, which still made him get hurt, yet it was only minor injuries.

Akainu raised his head and looked at the hole he had created, then glanced at Naito above and clenched his first tightly, revealing his killing intent.


Suddenly, Naito ’s figure flashed several times, and he appeared at the square.

Watching Naito heading down toward him at an extremely fast speed, Akainu ’s anger burned in his heart, and he couldn ’t help but clench his fist and rushed toward Naito.

However, before they could get closer, several figures flashed instantly between Naito and Akainu.

”Sakazuki, stop! ”

”Enough. ”

”If you continue to fight, there will be no end to this. ”

These three were indeed Aokiji, Kizaru, Garp, and Sengoku.

Although Garp was laughing at this, he wasn ’t gonna watch Naito and Akainu destroy the Marineford.

Aokiji and Kizaru stood in front of Akainu, while Garp and Sengoku tried to block Naito, separating the two.

Naito stopped and folded his hands. His cloak didn ’t have a trace of dust on it. Even after the battle with the Vice Admirals and the short confrontation with Akainu, there was not a single scratch on Naito.

Even at this time, Aokiji, Kizaru, Sengoku, and even Garp were still secretly shocked by Naito ’s power.

”Why are you trying to stop me?! That guy isn ’t worthy of being a marine! He should be arrested now! ” Akainu looked at Aokiji and Kizaru in front of him angrily.

Both Aokiji and Kizaru didn ’t speak and looked at Akainu deeply. After all, Akainu was an Admiral. After being stared at by both of them, he gradually calmed down.

”Sakazuki, shut up, will you? Even if Naito is at fault, you shouldn ’t have attacked him without reporting back to me. Are you taking me too lightly as your commander?! ”

Seeing that Naito didn ’t seem to have any intention to attack, Sengoku turned around and shouted at Akainu.

He had issued an order long ago. Anything about Naito must be handled by him personally. Even an Admiral can ’t act on his own with a matter that involves Naito without authorization.

What really made Sengoku feel a little angry that Naito knew about this, be he still took the initiative to attack Naito, which completely backfired at Sengoku.

”Fleet Admiral Sengoku, what qualifications does a person like him have to become a marine?! ” Akainu gritted his teeth, ”From the moment he joined the marines, he did nothing but ignoring the rules. He even had the nerves to pick a fight with the Vice Admirals in the lounge! ”

”Sakazuki… ”

Sengoku was very annoyed. Although Naito was also at fault, it was still extremely embarrassing for Akainu to pick a fight with him then lose.

They were still the square, where, by now, everyone was standing, watching from a distance.

As for the Vice Admirals, they have all walked down from the lounger to the square, standing in the forefront, each with a solemn expression.

I ’m afraid this matter won ’t be easy to deal with…

What should he do?!

Should he punish Naito, Akainu, or both?

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