The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 525: A Visit To The Yonko

there calmly and said in a light tone, ”You ’re gonna come with me as we visit… these so-called four emperors! ”


A sentence, but it was like a 10,000-ton bomb that crushed inside the Marineford and made everyone feel like they lost consciousness for a moment!

The crowd was silent.

At that moment, all the marines looked at each other with widened eyes.

What did they… just heard?!

Can anyone tell them if they heard it wrong just now?!

Visit the Four Emperors?

Is he crazy, or does he have a death wish?!

Even the three Admirals, Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu, as well as Sengoku and Garp, couldn ’t help but stare at Naito, puzzled.

while everyone was trying to figure out what he meant by this, Aokiji feeling dazed, said, ”Alala, this must be… a joke, right?! ”

”Oooh~ It ’s terrible to visit the Yonko! You shouldn ’t joke about these things, Naito-San! ” Kizaru said with a playful tone and an astonished expression.

”Hey! Naito boy, are you serious? ” Garp looked at Naito, and after taking a deep breath, his expression became extremely solemn.

Naito didn ’t reply. He just glanced lightly at the three Admirals in the field.

Afterward, Naito turned his head and looked at Ain, who heard him but still couldn ’t react.

After hearing Naito ’s words, Ain didn ’t move, she looked as if she was petrified, and she even wondered if there was a problem with her ears.

Visit the four Emperors!

What does he mean by that?!

Moreover, he even used the words to visit, as if it was a picnic for him. He obviously meant fighting each one of them!

Even the Admirals wouldn ’t dare to say such words lightly. If a single admiral ran into the territory of the Yonko, it would probably mean death to him!

The entire marine is trying its best to avoid conflicts with the Yonko and their pirates. Even if there are occasional conflicts, it probably means that the marines didn ’t have any choice but to take action, and it often has no effect. They simply can ’t do anything to the Yonko in their territories.

In case the marines have to fight the Yonko, the three Admirals alone may not be able to take them down together, which will also weaken the marines ’ defensive powers. If a lunatic such as Kaido once again attacks the Marineford, it will be too troublesome.

But now, Naito actually wants to face the Yonko alone!

Either he ’s just another lunatic, or he has absolute confidence in his own strength, so he dares to say such a thing!

After Ain finally came back to her senses, she wanted to dissuade Naito from being impulsive, but thinking again of the first time she saw him, the aura that was bursting out of his body, and above everything, thinking of how he could cancel her time return ability, and even greatly enhance her physical strength with a touch of his fingertip.

Ain couldn ’t say anything to dissuade him.

Therefore, in the end, she gritted her teeth and said to Naito, ”What kind of ship, Sir. Do we have to take a large one, Sir? ”

”A casual one. ”

”Yes, Sir. ”

Ain took a deep breath, and with a touch of firmness in her eyes, she saluted Naito, then turned and rushed into the crowd, and disappeared.

What was left was shocked, widened, and the stunned eyes everywhere…

The silence controlled the place.

Even now, there are still people who haven ’t been able to react yet. And even if they wanted to, they couldn ’t help but look at Naito as if he was a lunatic.

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