The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 535: All Destroyed

h a close distance, watching half of the island getting destroyed and being pulled into the sky was really shocking!

Not only the ordinary marines on the warship, but even Ain was speechless, looking up at the sky in disbelief.

Under this terrifying attraction, even the three commanders could hardly stabilize their figures. As for the other pirates and even the ministers, they were almost helpless. Just like those buildings, they were all sucked into the sky.

What ’s worse is that it wasn ’t only half of the Cake Island that collapsed and was sucked into the sky, but also the seawater that was constantly getting pulled!

All of Big Mom ’s crew members were capable people, but when they were washed by the water, almost all of them became useless, and they couldn ’t use any strength.

Only the three commanders could resist the repulsive force of the Chibaku Tensei and were jumping between the various fragments.

”Damn it, how could this gravity force be so strong? I can ’t get rid of it at all! ”

”That marine bastard, it seems that it wasn ’t by luck that he won against brother Cracker! ”

”It can ’t go on like this. We must find a way to stop it! ”

The three commanders looked at the Chibaku Tensei ’s core with hideous expressions, then gritted their teeth and prepared to attack altogether.

However, at this moment, Naito, who had been standing below, staring at the sky faintly, suddenly flickered his sleeves.


Instantly, the seawater suddenly falls on the three commanders.

”Sh*t! ”

”Damn this! It ’s water! ”

Their expression changed drastically. When they tried to avoid it, they couldn ’t because they were being pulled by gravity and got soaked by the seawater. Their bodies got immediately weakened.

The three of them were horrified at once, desperately trying to gather their strength, but it was too later, and they got sucked into the black orb in the sky.

Finally, everything was silent.

A huge meteor appeared in the sky, with half of the Cake Island as its components!

The complete Chibaku Tensei is almost larger than the Cake Island, suspended in the sky, almost obscuring the sun. Although it wasn ’t falling, everyone on the ground looked horrified at what would happen if it falls!

”This… is this Vice Admiral Naito ’s attack? ”

”How is it possible, can humans… actually do such a thing?! ”

Almost all the ordinary marines on the warship were shivering, looking at the sky.

”This is really… too much… ”

Even Ain, who was standing next to Naito, couldn ’t calm down.

Originally, she thought that she and Naito alone wouldn ’t be able to stand against this army of pirates, but suddenly Naito destroyed half of the Cake Island with a single move!

Not that alone, but he also destroyed the entire army leaving only Big Mom standing there alone!

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