The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 536: Evening Elephant

The moment her voice emitted, Big Mom rushed toward Naito directly, and at the same time, a terrifying aura burst out.

Even if she is the only one left, she was still a Yonko, an emperor of the sea!

”As long as I kill you, that thing in the sky should be gone. ”

A cold stare was in Big Mom ’s eyes. In her opinion, as long as she kills him, everything would be resolved!

As for Cake Island, just rebuild it!

However, looking at the rushing Big Mom, Naito, standing on the deck of the warship, shook his head slightly.

At this time, Naito wasn ’t very interested in Big Mom ’s ability, and he has been using his Ultra Perceive the entire time, but he didn ’t find any traces of the Time Devil Fruit on the cake island.

Because of this, Naito lost interest.

Since there ’s no devil fruit, Naito wasn ’t ready to keep this show going. It was time to use a serious fist!

Naito ’s figure suddenly flickered from the deck and came to the sky.


Naito ’s speed was breakneck, and he directly appeared above Big Mom!!

”So fast!! ”

Big Mom was using the Observation Haki at this time, of course, will not make the mistake of underestimating the enemy again or being careless, but she didn ’t expect that Naito would be so fast!

Shocked, Big Mom didn ’t hesitate to mobilize her abilities and even use the Busoshoku Haki.

Almost none of the powerful pirates rely solely on their Devil Fruit. In this sea, physical strength is both the foundation and the fundamental. Coupled with the power of the Haki, physical strength is essential.

Big Mom seems to be the weakest among the Yonko, but this weakness is only compared to the other three Yonko, and with her weird Devil Fruit ability, she ’s strong enough to resist the other emperors.

Otherwise, relying solely on devil fruit, it ’s impossible to become one of the Yonko!

Therefore, even though Naito ’s speed was very fast, and it seemed that he was about to perform a physical attack, Big Mom was still not afraid of it and directly met it.

After he flashed above her, Naito just made an effortless action, that is, make a fist, and then throw it!

With this punch, Naito mobilized all the strength he had and wanted all out. Even his Busoshoku Haki that he still couldn ’t control was added to this punch!

The moment his Busoshoku Haki appeared, Big Mom felt horrified. Although it looked unstable and barely attached to his fist, it looked extremely scary!

”This guy ’s Busoshoku Haki is the same as his Haoshoku Haki. What is this… ”

Big Mom thought for a moment, then a look of shock suddenly appeared in her eyes.

Because when Naito ’s fist fell, although the Busoshoku Haki wasn ’t attacked to his fist when it moved, the surrounding air seemed to have cracked!

What is this ability?!

Air Fruit?!

It was too late for Big Mom to be horrified by the fact that Naito seems to be possessing multiple abilities. Looking at the terrifying white beam of light that suddenly fell, she didn ’t care to save anything at that moment and blocked with all of her might.

However, she was shocked and even frightened to find that she couldn ’t stop it!

Naito ’s fist hadn ’t even touched her, it was the force that fell on her after his first hit the air, and it almost instantly crushed all of her power!

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