The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 55: White Fangs Kunai


After all, Sarutobi was the Hokage of Konoha, he needed to be calm, but he couldnt hide the surprise in his eyes.

This kind of thing has never happened in history!

“What do you think?”

“Well, I am very curious about the strength of that child, I have to see it for myself.”

Sakumo nodded gently with a strange glow in his eyes.

Sarutobi nodded back.

“Well, that child is really qualified now, and even I want to see his strength.”


In the woods of Konoha.


After he eliminated everyone, Naito went back to the base with the others.

He took a short break there.

Along the way back to the base, the candidates even the official members of the Anbu looked at Naito differently.

They only saw him before as a genius boy who still didnt grow up.

But the growth of Naito was beyond the imagination of everyone.

Genius cannot describe Naito now.

Hes a monster!

At that time, no one doubted that Naito will become an official member of the Anbu.

It almost became a fact.

There was a lot of injuries and they needed to be treated.

Naito proved that hes the most talented candidate in the history of the Anbu.

Moreover, with this incredible talent, as long as he grows up more, he will even be at the level of the Captains.

And if he becomes the captain of a division, it will not be impossible to even become the next Leader of the Anbu.

At that time, Naito was standing quietly in a corner.

No one came to disturb him.

After the warfare he had, although he didnt get injured, Naito really got physically exhausted.

At this battle, the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou really proved itself useful.

especially the First Gate: The Gate of Heart.

He even got stronger due to its body feeding, he got really improved physically.

Sure enough, fighting is also a way of increasing the power, and without getting into bloody battles you wont become a true powerhouse.

No fighting experience, no life or death, no improvement.

The change was actually a spiritual one, but its directly linked to the strength.

because the spirit will influence the Chakra, and the last will have an effect on the body.

“I didnt expect that this battle will improve me this much, its almost compared to the time I practiced for a month.”

Focusing for a while restored Naitos strength.

Just as Naito stood up, suddenly someone walked into the hall.

It was the leader.

He didnt wear a mask.

And the three captain divisions were following him.

The identity of the leader was known to everyone.

The leader of the Anbu, Hatake Sakumo!



In a moment, all the Anbu, whether they were alternate or official members saluted Sakumo.

Sakumo gently nodded, he raised his hand as a sign for everyone that they didnt have to gather, then he walked from the crowd directly in front of Naito.

This is the first time Naito and Sakumo meet.

Although Sakumo has observed Naito in the dark more then once, this is the first time Naito see him.

Although he was very young at this time, Naito directly recognized him.


Naito showed a touch of respectful expression as he gently saluted him.

Regardlessly of how a lot of people see it, Naito still have the love and respect for Konoha.

In the original book, Naito felt real pity for the White Fang.

Just because he saved his companion and gave up the mission, the hero become the most hated person in the whole village.

Then he finally suicided.

Although the first rule of being a ninja is doing your task even if it cost you your life.

But in Naitos opinion, these rules dont always apply for a noble purpose.

Even if Sakumo focused on his mission and didnt save his companions, there is no proof that the mission will succeed and maybe he will lose from both sides.

But theres no doubt that someone played him.

Hatake Sakumo was really a very strong shinobi who was qualified to be the fourth Hokage.

And without forgetting about how hes the right hand of Sarutobi, which is naturally a pain in a lot of people asses.

Of course, these are only speculations, none of this happened yet, Naito cant be so sure about it.

“You dont need to be so polite.”

Sakumo looked at Naito and smiled, his expression was very warm, not a sligh of coldness.

When you see him its almost impossible to believe that hes Konohas White Fang.

“It was a bit surprising this time, even I couldnt believe it.”

“I was holding back the entire time.”

Naito shrugged.

The captain next to him couldnt help but get a little bit furious.

You were holding back?!

You were holding back and still wiped out all the candidates?!

Then what will you do if you go all out, reaching the sky?!

Sakumo couldnt help but reveal a strange expression the moment he heard Naito.

He twitched his mouth slightly.

“However, youve done a great job, the alternate member state is the last threshold for becoming an official member.”

“There is no need to hide anything from you, what I need to see is your talent and your ability to choose your position next in the future.”

He continued speaking after he patted Naitos shoulders: “You had a great performance in this training, but I would like to see more.”

These words made Naito feel a little bit strange.

See more?

What do you mean?

No, no!

Does he want to test my strength by himself?

Naito had a dazed expression, he couldnt help but be sad.

Sakumo smiled, turned and said: “Follow me.”

Looking at the back of Sakumo, Naito didnt help but to think.

How strong is the White Fang?!

Naito was uncertain, but at least he should be as strong as a Hokage!

How else can you become so famous in the Shinobi World War II?

The Hokages level is out of Naitos league.

Naito got bored.

He had a great battle just right now.

He doesnt want to get a beating!

But this is the willing of the leader, he cant refuse it, the only choice he has is to follow.

Helplessly he shook his head.

However, in his heart, he though Sakumo shouldnt have a habit of abusing a genius.

Its certain that he will test him personally, and this is will end with Sakumo given him some advice.

The sparring and the pointing of the strongest Anbu.

Looks like this is the reward he got after he had that incredible performance.

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