The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 56: Advntages And Disadvantages

Following Sakumo, they soon came to an open space.

Deep underground.

Dark and silent, with an abyss like atmosphere.

Naito was so surprised from the marvelous perfection of the Konoha underground buildings.

Too big.

And the structure is so perfect.

Ordinary people cannot do that.

However, for a ninja, it shouldnt be so difficult.

Along with Sakumo and Naito, there was several captains and ordinary Anbu too.

The other had missions.

Even if they were looking forward to seeing Sakumo personally training Naito, they couldnt come.

“Come on, attack me, use your strongest attack… No, use any attack you think can affect me.”

Sakumo stood in front of Naito while he opening his hands.

Naito couldnt resist the thought that none of his attacks will defeat Sakumo.

But he wont reject the invitation.

Until this day, every enemy went against Naito got his ass beaten.

But Naito doesnt know if he has any chance.

Sakumos strength is far better than his.

Anyway, after a little time off sparring, Naito should be able to calculate his strength, and then he will be able to find his strong and weak points, after that he will be able to think of ways to improve himself and become stronger.


You cant go easy against someone like the White Fang, you need to go all out from the beginning.

Naito dashed toward him with full speed, he rushed directly to the right side of Sakumo and then throw a punch.


Sakumo revealed a slight of appreciation to this high speed he saw, theres not a lot of people with the same speed of Naito at the Chunin level.

Of course, for him, even if Naito was twice as fast, he could easily react.

With a fast reaction, Sakumo easily dodged Naitos attack.

Naito didnt stop there, he knew he needed to do more, so once again he rushed toward Sakumo.

This moment allowed Sakumo to take his stance again, and then he continued to dodge Naitos attack, he didnt fight back allowing him to continue his attack.

It looked like he was getting a beating by Naito.

But in fact, Naito was the one who was feeling helpless, with his current ability he simply cannot do anything against Sakumo.

He knew Sakumo was just playing around!

Even if couldnt beat him, he simply needed to do his best!

Boom! boom! boom!!!

The sound of the trembling field came mainly from Naito who was shaking the ground more with every punch he threw.

The Anbu watched with twinkling eyes, they were amazed by the power of Naito.

A lot of these people didnt saw Naitos performance in the Valley.

“Every punch he throws has the same power of a B-Class Ninjutsu?”

“And it seems like its not consuming a lot of his power.”

“What a strong bloodline.”

Several of the division captains seemed okay, they looked very calm but their feelings were mixed with awe too.

And for the other captains, they looked frightened from his power.

If they were facing Naito… it looks like it would be a very difficult fight!

Naitos ability is too tricky unless youre a Shinobi who mastered at least Ninjutsu above the A-Class, it will be impossible to break through his shocks.


Very strong!

This is was the thoughts of everyone in the room.

Ant the last event of Naitos defeating every candidate proves their thoughts.

Naito now is on the top of his game.

Some of the Anbu went deep in their thoughts.

But the fight continued.

Naitos attack were scary, after every punch he throws, the air will burst like a mirror, leaving cracks in the space.

However, Sakumo footsteps were amazing, he was perfectly dodging every attack, and thats made Naito go all out.

Naito stops for a moment and took a deep breath, then he once again rushed in front of Sakumo, then suddenly he clenched his fist.

His Chakra got surged into his fist.

Earthquake release! Brutal Force Technique!


The power of this punch was completely different from the previous ones.

Not only that it was stronger, also it felt more condensed, and the power of the attack was more concentrated!

Sakumo thought that he already saw everything Natio had, but he thought wrong.

“Brutal Force Technique?!”

As soon as Naito used his Chakra, Sakumo felt that something was different, but the moment he saw the technique he recognized it.

The surprise was clear on his face, he didnt think that Tsunade has already taught him the Brutal Force Technique and Naito could already learn it in this short time!

Sakumo is the leader of the Anbu and he has a natural understanding of the various secret techniques in Konoha, including the Brutal Force Technique.

He knew that the difficulty of mastering it was very high.

Still, Naito already learned that, and in just a few months?


The power and the range of the attack were wider then it should be, and for that reason, Sakumo couldnt react fast.

He got dragged completely by the power of the shock.

“Not good.”

When the attack reached his body, the expression of Sakumo changed.

He couldnt resist that power.

Even if he wont get injured, it would be a little bit embarrassing for him.

Facing such a situation, Sakumo didnt get panic, on the contrary, he revealed a hint of appreciation in his eyes.


Almost no one in the room saw how Sakumo pulled out a Kunai in the last moment.

At the last moment Sakumo managed to pull out a Kunai then he used it to counter Naitos attack.

It seems he was able to cut the power of the shock into two after he enhanced his Kunai with his Chakra, thats what they thought.

But actually, it was the Hatake Kunais Technique!.

Using an extremely high advanced method of Chakra control, he was able to use an invincible Kunai to interfere Naitos punch, then he cut the power with the same Kunai into two!

No damage, No trembling.

Not even a sound.

It seemed like he even cut off the sound.

No, with one Kunai, it seemed like he cut the space between Heaven and Earth.


A moment of silence.

Naitos technique and for the first time got shuttered.

This moment got all the Anbu fired up.

“Thats the leaders Kunai Technique!”

“Did he just used it? This technique always amazes me.”

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