The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 57: Developmen

Several Anbu were amazed, even Naito got shocked after he saw Sakumos technique.

This is a shocking scene.

Is this the true power of the Konohas White Fang?

Until this point, Naito shuttered everything with his fist.

Its really strange to find himself standing against someone whos able to cut everything.

he couldnt help but admit the defeat of his style.

But even if hes invincible he will not give up.

If he stopped a punch, he will just throw more.

He will do his best!

After the Brutal Force got cut off by Sakumo, Naito didnt stop, he clenched his fist tightly, and once again he threw another punch.


Suddenly the air got burst, the power of the shock shrouded the front, then spread out in every direction.

The continuous using the Brutal force is a great burden on Naito.

However, it was eventually used successfully.


It looked like Sakumo didnt expect that Naito could throw another big one easily.

The second he dealt with the first one, another big one was waiting for him.

And for the second time, he found himself in a pinch.

Even if hes Konohas White Fang, he cannot go against the shocks of Naito without having any defense.

Without any hesitation, Sakumo took out his sword from his back and cut off the shock before it reaches him.


The second one was cut off again by him.

But in fact, Naito with hes power forced him for the second time to step back and defend against him.

This a little bit staggering.

Even the other Anbu noticed that.

Hatake Sakumo… Got knocked back by Naito?!

Although everyone knew that Sakumo wasnt serious and he only attended to train him, even if thats the case Naito was able to force the White Fang to step back not once but twice.

This is extremely shocking.

Sakumo also got a little bit upset, after he stepped back, he shook his head while he was chuckling.

“You kid…”

“Hey, I told, I was always holding back.” Naito smiled.

“Nothing of that matter anymore, it was all about seeing how strong you are, we couldnt figure out your limit, but I can see it now.”

Sakumo nodded softly then he put back his sword to his back.

Then he walked toward Naito with a calm yet serious expression.

“Youre strong, the path you took is somehow similar to mine.”

“You simply crush everything with your shocks power, and am cutting off everything with advanced sword technique and chakra control.”

“But your strength has a weakness… its not flexible enough.”

speaking of this, Sakumo started to recall scenes from the spare as he continued his talk.

“My sword technique can allow me to have a constant pace of attack, I can be more flexible to change between the attacks and even changing to the defense… but your power seems to stiff at the time of the outbreak right?”

Naito listened carefully to what he said.

Stiff huh?!

Yes, indeed.

Hes really at the level of a Hokage.

In one word!

Naitos shocks and Gais Sekizo are somehow also similar, the first one does vibrate the air and spread cracks into space, and the second creates a cannon of pressurized air.

However, theres also a little difference between the two.

Theres a difference between the two at the moment of the impact, also the two technique doesnt have the same power.

The big difference between the two is that after Naito attack the first time, there will be a brief and a rigid state.

In this process, he cannot move.

He cannot do the same attack Gais do, using his high speed to make multiple blows from multiple directions.

To put it simply, Naito will need to wait for a short time until the shock force broke out completely to be able to attack again.

He cant punch and move to another location immediately.

That led Naito to be unable to have a move like Sekizo, using high speed to attack in multiple directions and strangling the enemies in the middle of his attacks.

“A disadvantage… thats what are you trying to say?”

Sakumo got stunned a bit, his eyes flashed then he said: “if your shocks can get stronger then this disadvantage wont be a problem.”

“But at this stage, if the enemy uses any kind of strong Ninjutsu to breakthrough, or to stop your shocks, your rigid stat will be very deadly.”

Naito nodded.

The stronger the shock, the more and more his weakness will disappear, if Naito could smash an S-Class Ninjutsu even if he stiff for a moment no one will be able to stop him when he attacks again.

No one will be able to have an advantage over his rigid state.

But at this stage, Naito can only defeat a B-Class Ninjutsu.

And this is will led him to the freezing situation.

Shinobi who cant cast an A-Class Ninjutsu will all get defeated by Naito, even if they figure out his weakness they wont have any chance to take the opportunity.

But once he encounters a Shinobi with an A-Class ninjutsu or better, Naito will get defeated easily.

Hes invincible at the same level, but once he gets overpowered he cant even challenge.

This is the kind of situation Sakumos talking about, Naito completely ignored this issue.

After all, there aint a lot of Shinobis who can cast an A-Class or S-Class Ninjutsu.

But now, Naito has grown to the point when he encountered one.

So he must find a way to solve this problem.

“Then what do you think?” Sakumo looked at Naito.

Naitos expression changed, he took a deep breath and seriously said: “Before getting any more stronger, I need to develop some more flexible moves to deal with these kinds of enemies.”


Sakumo nodded, then patted Naitos shoulders and said:” You have a unique bloodline no one truly knows your limits, I can give you some advice, but only you who can comprehend yourself.”

In the end, after he said a few words, Sakumo turned around leaving after he took everyone with him.

Only one person stood there and it was Naito.

He couldnt leave the battlefield, he didnt know how to return home.

Lying directly on the bed, looking at the ceiling with a bit of indifference.

Naito was lost in his own thoughts about his own ability.

Thinking… thats what he needed.

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