The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 57: Developmen

e to the enormous power he gathered at one point, it had side effects on his body.

“Its that difficult huh?”

Looking at the collapsed tree Naito felt a little bit disappointed.

The damage was satisfying, but he couldnt handle the side effects.

Moreover, the power of the shocks are abnormally a violent force, and its extremely difficult to compress it.

Unless you can give it an outside shell.

“Adding a shell?!”

When he thought about this, an idea crossed Naitos mind.

The Rasengan Naruto used in the original book was a technique that can be combined with any kind of nature.

Adding the wind element to the Rasengan was normal, but later Naruto combined it with the Kyuubis chakra and even with the Yin-Yang Release.

“The Rasengan is an advanced form of a raw chakra control that involves changing the form and movement of chakra and it can accept any kind of combined nature.”

“Also its very stable technique.”

“In addition, it doesnt require any hand seals… it seems to be suitable for me.”

After thinking about it, Naito decided to practice the Rasengan.

Even if he couldnt combine the Shocks with the Rasengan after he learned it, it wont be a problem, the Rasengan itself is an A-Class Ninjutsu, it is worth learning!

In this world, the Rasengan is still not created yet.

It even took Minato three years to create it.

But Naito is different.

He already Knew a shortcut of how to learn the Rasengan, including every detail about it, he almost knew everything about this technique.

Moreover, its indeed Naito has a small amount of chakra, but still, its very powerful.

The first stage is to gather the Chakra in the palm of your hand.

For Naito, this step was too simple he didnt even have to practice to complete it.

The next step was the water balloon.

The user needs to spin their chakra in multiple directions at once.

Once you learn that the balloon will burst.

In this step also, it didnt take much effort from Naito before he completely learned it.

In the third step, the rubber ball, Naito encountered a bit of difficulty.

However, this difficulty wasnt because of his controlling, his Chakra was the problem.

The amount of Chakra he had wasnt enough.

Its indeed a difficult matter for a Chunin to practice an A-Class Ninjutsu.

Naruto and Sasuke were special cases, the first one had a strong and large amount of Chakra, and the latter had an extraordinary ability to control Chakra and without forgetting that he was a genius himself.

This step slightly blocked Naitos improvement.

However, under the insistence of Naito, he could burst it.

With completing this stage, the Rasengan now has been completed as a basic prototype.

“I can try to add the shocks now.”

With success, Naito managed to create the basic shape of the Rasengan.

But this experiment is too dangerous, Naito cant be reckless.

In this case, Naito decided to add a small amount of shock every time until he masters it.

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