The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 5: Uchiha Izumi

shinas worried heart skipped a beat when the teacher announced Naitos opponents

“Naito, Uchiha Izumi, please come out.”

Kushina stunned for a moment, she couldnt help but be shocked:”An Uchiha, why? and not and not anyone its Izumi. hes the second strongest after Minato in terms of talent.”

Sparing with Uchiha Izumi can also be very dangerous, hes the strongest without counting Minato.

The teacher must do this on purpose.

“There is absolutely a problem here! Naito! dont go up there, and just admit defeat, I am also sure Uchiha Izumi…”

Kushina said that with Angry and eager

“There is no need.”

Naito held her shoulders as he interrupted her her words, then he looked her in the eyes and said: “Rest assured, I will not be injured.”

This sentence had a kind of inexplicable momentum, Kushina couldnt stop him after he said that sentence, Naito turned around, with a calm look went to the field.

Of course, he knew the teachers intentions.

Nakamoto sensei never liked the outsider students. hes missions outside of the village filled his heart with hatred.

That was the case for Naito too as an outsider of the village, sadly not every teacher can be like Iruka.

Especially with Naitos poor talents, he didnt find any reason for him to stay in his class.

The school has a system unless Naito chosen to drop out of the school on his own no one can expel him even his teacher.

“Naito, do you want to surrender? it would be bad if you get injured later.”

As he spoke his true intentions appeared.

In his opinion, the embarrassment of surrendering without even trying in front of all the class will be worse than defeat itself.

Naito didnt speak a word but he quietly looked at the teacher


This look made the teacher uneasy.

This kind of indifference, this calmness… this is not like seven-years-old eyes!

“No, you can start straight away.”

Naito turns around and looked to Uchiha Izumi.

Kushina looked at the other kids, they were surprised, they didnt expect Naito to even stand on the field, they didnt understand his courage.

“Damn! these guys are always underestimating Naito.”

Holding a small fist, Kushina wanted to rush into the scene, but she could do nothing but stay still and worry about Naito.

She hoped that everything will end before Naitos get hurt.

At the field, Uchiha Izumi also took a cold proud stare at Naito, seeing how Naito didnt want to surrender in front of her powers, it revealed a trace of contempt.

A failure like him who cant use Ninjutsu wants to Defeat him?!!

Since he dared to face him, then he will make him regret it, he will make it an unforgettable memory for Naito, so the next time when his name is called he will know that there is no other choice but to surrender.

“Well, lets start!”

Since the teacher plan failed because of Naitos courage Nakamoto felt guilty for a second but he just throws it behind his back, and directly announced the beginning.

At that very moment, Uchiha Izumi directly took out two handfuls of shuriken and suddenly throw it toward Naito


Suddenly, out of a black residual shadow, it turns to eight shurikens four targeted his fatal organs

And the other four targeted his escape routes!

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