The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 60: Missions

“What the…”

Even Naito got scared by this scene.

There was no sound of an explosion and the whole process was silent.

The shock got even stronger!

It felt like the heaven and earth eliminated each other, the tree looked like it was erased directly by a rubber.

Naito looked for a while at the powder of the tree on the ground, then he took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

Naito noticed that the Chakra in his body got consumed by more than a half.

It was almost all consumed!

“The rotation of the Rasengan changed to form of the shocks, and it created a new kind of power that destroys everything without sound.”

Naito thought that maybe the Rasengan and the shocks interact with each other at the moment of the impact creating this enormous power.

That enormous power, this ultra high frequency is due to the conversion of two contradicting powers.

“The power of this technique is almost at the same power as the Rai Sword technique, but the disadvantage is the movement speed is slower, and it will be really easy for people to escape it.”

“If I want to use it, I will need to use sneak attacks.”

“And the consumption is really too big for me.”

Naito needed to calm down and assign the advantages and disadvantages of this new Rasengan.

At first, Naito classed it as an S-Class Ninjutsu at the terms of power.

This is also the first S-Class Ninjutsu mastered by him!

In addition, the temporary decided that he will not use it only as a last choice unless its a dangerous situation he will not use it.

After all, his chakra got almost consumed just now, this consumption is a little too large.

Although his Ninjutsu was just a form of the original Rasengan, Naito still wanted to name it.

“This Ninjutsu is called… Earthquake release: Hakai!” (T/N: Hakai: Destruction)

“This is the first high-class Ninjutsu I have mastered, but its definitely wont be the last.”

After that, Naito stopped developing his Ninjutsu and needed to focus on other things.

If he wanted to open the third gate, he will need to train more.

All of his focus is on the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, but he cant do it overnight.

He developed Hakai to cover his weakness.

Even if he encountered a very strong opponent he will always have this trick to reverse the situation.

However, Naito still needs to develop one more technique and its at the same level as an A-Class Ninjutsu.

Although the Rasengan count as a one, using it doesnt consume nearly half of his Chakra.

And once Rasengan was used, he could no longer use Hakai.

So the Rasengan itself become unsuitable for Naito.

Suitable for his style, has the same power of the shocks, and doesnt consume a lot of Chakra.

At the time when he was developing his new technique, Naitos control on the power of the shock got better, and he gradually discovered new things.

He also has many new ideas.

Using the rotation of the Rasengan the frequency of the shocks become much higher and because of that, it gained much power.

That proves that it can get much powerful on it owns.

Naitos next attempt was to raise the power of the shocks on it own to gain the same power.

But this obviously cannot be carried with his fist.

So he needed a weapon.

Naito made a fine steel sword at the Anbu department, so he can try this new idea and force his shocks into the sword.

In fact, this is was just an imitation from Naito to be just like Sakumo.


Naito stood up in front of an iron pillar.

On Naitos hand, he was holding his new sword.

In the next moment, he gripped the handle slightly and suddenly there was a strange fluctuation in the sword.

There wasnt any white halo from the power of the shocks.

Invisible and intangible.

But it gives a hint of a pressure.


A flash of light.


The sound of crashed metal was very uncomfortable.

And suddenly in front of Naitos eyes, the iron pillar got cut by his sword!

“Whew! Nice!”

Looking at this scene, Naito nodded with satisfaction.

This is the power that he developed, individually from the Hakai Technique.

Naito named it Shogekiha. (T/N: Shogekiha=Shock cut)

It wasnt Rai Sword technique, but it had the same power.

Due to his training on the Hakai, his shock got much power and it already reached the A-Class Ninjutsu.

The advantage is that the consumption of the Chakra is really low, it has much power then a normal shock, the effect of the Brutal Force is superb, theres no rigidity and it more flexible.

The disadvantages are that since its a single attack, it cant defend against multiple direction attacks if the face of this kind of attacks he will need to much it with his normal shocks.

At the same time, because its not rigid and flexible enough, it has a second drawback, it cannot be released continuously.

its one time blow every time.

The high frequency he uses it on every blow needs to be gathered again.

And in addition to all of this, theres a third disadvantage… these high-frequency shocks even steel cannot handle it.

Naito looked at his sword.

“I only used it a few times, and its already broken?!”

He had a sad expression.

Naito already broke a lot of swords from the beginning of his training.

Unfortunately, even if it was customized especially for him, its extremely heavy and it still unable to withstand the high frequency of the Shogekiha.

The Shogekiha will directly destroy it.

Looks like he will need to stick to these swords until he finds a better one.

Steel swords are standard blades used by almost every Shinobi.

And it belongs to the category of swords.

But if the ordinary swords cannot withstand the power of Naito, perhaps one of the seven can.

But those swords are not easy to get.

Moreover, even if it can stand it for a while, it will end up damaged after using it for a while.

Or maybe he will need a self-repairing sword? or maybe a sword like The Kusanagi Sword!

The artifact swords that surpass any other sword.

However… it wont be easy to find one of The Kusanagi Sword.

At this time of history, Orochimaru didnt find it yet.

He will collect it later.

However, this also gave Naito opportunity, if The Kusanagi Sword fell into Orochimarus hands, it will be more difficult to grab it.

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