The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 67: Technique Vs Sword

> Like a thunder.

His sword glowed like a star, it got covered by a strange white halo.

It looked like it can cut the sky like it can strike the whole earth and cut into two halves.

Tsukis eyes looked very confident.

His Sharingan looked like it was already seen the future of Naito being cut into two halves by his sword.

In the face of Tsukis sword, Naito didnt look afraid, but he looked confused.

Is this chakra flow?!

But its impossible to even compare Uchiha Tsuki to Sakumo!

Unless this is not only Chakra flow, but its the sword itself what made it strong.

It had a weird twist, between the stirless and the soundless you will find it bitterness.

It looked bright but felt dark.

However, the air seemed to have some distortion between it stirless and soundless, it looked extremely strange.

It looked like a distortion of space.

Without hesitation, Naito took out his kunai.



In a flash, Naitos Kunia and Tsukis sword collided.

At this moment, the heaven and the earth looked like they were gonna crush each other.

Dai who was looking from far away couldnt help but get excited.

Just now, he almost shouted.

But seeing how Naito strangely believed in his abilities and fought back, he decided to believe in him too.

Since Naito didnt lose hope, he will not lose hope too, Naito can defeat him.


A Kunai, and a sword.

Ordinary kunai, and a special sword.

Shock power, Chakra flow.

Two kinds of powers, both are completely different, but the two has the same purpose, which is, cut everything that comes in the way!

However, this goal couldnt be achieved.

The shock in the eye of Uchiha Tsuki was clear.

His sword was actually blocked?!

He didnt expect that Naito could block his sword!

“What the hell is this power?!”

Tsuki was shocked, his heart sank in confusion.

His Kenjutsu is called Liberation of Stars, his sword is called Star, Liberation of the Ken Hoshi is the name of this move. (T/N: Ken: Sword, Hoshi: Star)

This move has ended the life of a lot of Shinobis!

Yet it was blocked by Naito!

Naito was using an ordinary Kunai, but it was covered by a strange halo, and to make it worse his body was trembling!

If it werent for the Chakra flowing edge, he might have been killed.

His technique was so strong to the point that he could stop his special sword using an ordinary Kunai.

With his heart falling in desperation, Uchiha Tsuki stared at Naito who was clashing his Kunai to his sword, he bit his teeth, while his Chakra flow became crazily powerful.

And he struck again.

But once again he got blocked by Naito.

Finally, everything became clear!

Naitos Shogekiha is much stronger than his move and sword!

Naito didnt know that this is gonna happen when he blocked his attack.

He only believed in his own power.

He can do it, he can bock him! so he can win!

Naito was blocking Tsuki using the Kunai in his right hand.

At that time, Naito Kunai and Tsukis sword were still clashing against each other.

Naito smirked at that moment.

Then he clenched his left fist.

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