The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 70: Sarutobis Wrath

At that moment, Tsuki was holding his sword with his eyes looking at every crack in the ground waiting for the slightest change so he can instantly react.

He was waiting for Naitos attack so he can block it, then everything will end.

As long as he can stay focused he can block and dodge every attack.

This little devil has no chance of winning!

Tsuki continued on holding his sword while mobilizing his chakra.

Suddenly, his Sharingan sighted a shadow at one of the cracks.

“This is it! Die!”

Tsuki generated his chakra into his sword and sent a strong sword energy toward the crack.


The sword energy destroyed everything.

The crack became even bigger and the figure of Naito became clearer while he was advancing quietly.

At this time, Tsuki sent another one toward the crack and exactly to Naitos position.

Suddenly the sword energy hit the place where he was standing and made a great impact.

He Obviously got hit!

Even if you use these little tricks, the moment you try to get close to him, these eyes will see you!

However, the next moment, Naito who got hit by Tsukis strike, suddenly turned into white smoke and disappeared.

“A clone?!”

Tsuki got stunned for a moment.

This should be a very common Ninjutsu.

No one ever could fool him before with this Technique while he was using his Sharingan.

It never fooled him.

But this time its different.

Even if the Sharingan can see through the fog, it cant see through the ground.

Therefore, he got overwhelmed by a common technique!

“Using a clone… then what?”

Uchiha got more focused and closed his grip tight on his sword.

Even if he uses these tricks, hes not afraid!

Because any attack Naito will use this sword will cut it, Tsuki was ready to cut anything.

Suddenly, a bubble came floating out of the dark toward him.

Its a bubble, but it looks more like a shining star.

The inner seemed like it was rotating, the corse is white, but also it was covered with Chakra.

This is should be Naitos Technique… Its Hakai!

When it appeared, Naito was ready to strike his sword for the second time.

“This thing!”

Due to his Sharingan, he managed to see it right away.

But his plan was too simple, the moment you send me an attack I will attack it, and that bubble was already in front of him.

So he welcomed it with his sword.



When he hit it with his sword the Chakra around it got popped and the bubble-like thing immediately cracked.

The Hakai is not a stable form of the Rasengan the moment it comes in a contact with an object, it will explode.

the moment it exploded, enormous shock spread out like waves!

Those waves started to destroy everything, it was even clear to the naked eye!

But also there wasnt any sound.

Tsuki felt the danger but everything he had couldnt stop Naitos Hakai.

There was no blood, no gore, no sound.

There was only dust.

Uchiha Tsuki obviously wasnt able to cut Naitos S-Class Ninjutsu!

Suddenly, the whole person turned into dust on the cracked ground!

What was more shocking is that the ground under his feet silently got hollowed into a semi-circular hole.


The only thing that barely survived was the sword that was in Tsukis hand, he got thrown away by the impact when Tsuki tried to cut Naitos technique.

In the distance, Dai was standing there shocked, surprised, his mouth was wide open, he couldnt believe what he saw.

How can he believe something like this?


His eyes explained what he wanted to say, this unbelievable.

What happened?!

Is he dead? he couldnt even know?!

Sometimes this kind of silent disappearing is more shocking than a bloody end.

Dai couldnt do such an effect even if he opened the Sixth Gate!

At least he must open the Seventh Gate!

And to compare the Seven Gate power to a Technique… it must be absolutely an S-Class Ninjutsu!


In the cracks, a sound of slightly tired cough came out.

Suddenly Naito rolled over out of the crack.

He couldnt jump out because he got so tired after he used this technique.

“Yuu Naito!”

After seeing the unscratched Naito coming out of the crack, Dai finally woke up from his shock, then he revealed a hint of joy.

“Are you okay?!”

He couldnt help but ask.

Naito waved at Dai.

“I am fine, but I need to rest.”

Naito walked slowly forward toward the Tsuki sword and took it.

“This sword is so good, yet it still cant completely resist the power of the shock?”

But he was grateful for only having it, after all, none of the swords he had were as good as this one.

And of course the power of the shocks compared to the Hakai is not at the same level, this is enough.

He didnt know where this sword has come from, but it was very suitable for Naito.

“This sword is mine.”

That Uchiha is gone now, Naito is the new owner.

He already decided to focus only on developing the Shock power and The Reverse Hachimon Tonkou to the extreme before he thinks about anything else.

And with this new sword, things will get better and better.

There should be a lot of people who are aware of the existing of this sword.

But so what?!

They dared to send someone to kill him, and he was killed while Naito was defending himself, the Uchiha clan wont dare to mention this sword!

The conflicts between Naito and Uchiha Clan are already too bad, nothing Naito does now will make it even worse then what is.

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