The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 72: The Kyuubi



Kushina turned to see Naito in front of her.

Then she ran toward him and hugged him.

“You idiot!!”


Well, he knew he deserved it, leaving without telling her was a little bit harsh.

He was ready for that scold she was talking about, but he didnt expect that he will get a warm hug instead.

When she tried to hug him, Kushina lost all of her strength so she kinda fell into Naitos arms, so he hugged her very tightly.

“Next time you make sure to tell me before you go… Even if you dont worry about yourself… Worry about others…”

Naito felt that something is wrong.

Something is off.

With a worried face, Naito touched her head softly and asked: “What happened?”

“No, nothing.”

Kushina let go of Naito, without making any eye contact.

This made Naito more suspicious, there must be something!

Naito felt a trace of a fear in her eyes.

What is she afraid of?

Naito couldnt think of anything.

The next moment, Kushina with a little bit of hesitation she looked at him while her body was trembling.

“Yuu Naito… if I say… If I were a monster, what would you think of me?”

Kushinas heart skipped a beat when she said this sentence.

At this time, she didnt look like a Red Hot-Blooded Habanero, she was just a little girl with a heart full of fear.

If he was any other person, he definitely wouldnt understand what she meant.

But Naito was a different case.

The Kyuubi!

Is this the time when Kushina become the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi?

However, there wasnt any news about the death of the previous Jinchuriki.

Even if this matter is concealed, there should have a been special treatments to do.

is the seal getting weakened?

No, this isnt the reason.

He didnt have a clue about this situation, even in the original story there werent any details about this event, Naito didnt know anything about this situation.

But until now, the course of the future didnt change.

Thinking of this, Naito shook his head a little bit.

In fact, these things arent important, regardless of whether this is happening now or in the near future, the fact of Kushina being the Jinchuriki is difficult to change.

Naito cant help her get rid of her future.

However, Naito is capable of changing her destiny.

This is not impossible.

“It doesnt matter, as long as youre still you, I will never change my thoughts about you.”

Naito extended his hand and gently put on her pretty face, she looked him in the eyes with her sparkling eyes.

He really meant what he said.

Naito knew that this Nine-Tailed fox whos everyone is afraid off, is nothing but a kind one.

At some point, Naito was confident that he will have the power to knock some sense into him.

If a punch didnt do the work, he will just send a barrage of punches toward him.

Listening to those kind words from Naito, the desperation, and fear that Kushina had in her heart become happiness and joy.



“Its a promise!”


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