The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 73: Opening The Third Gate

yway, this where the money that the Anbu was providing him come in handy, Naito went to the center of the village to eat more.

The village was really big, and Ichiraku Ramen wasnt the only place where you can have a good meal.

Naito walked in the streets until he found a great restaurant where he can have a big meal.

The number of meals was amazing.

People got stunned watching Naito eating it.

Unbelievable, such a kid, how can he eat this much, what kind of stomach does he have!!

It looked like Naito has another nickname in the village “The Stomach King”!

Many people think of Naito as a genius but they dont think that the eating has anything to do with it.

On the other hand, the Akimichi Clan thinks of Naito as a genius and the eating matter is definitely the reason behind it, some of them even claimed that Naito is a lost son of the Akimichi Clan!

Obviously, no one was buying that.

Naito wasnt fat like the rest of them, this is nonsense.

Naito is growing a lot with every day pass.

He might be just a ten years old kid, but he looks like hes thirteen or fourteen years old.

During this time, there have been many things happening in Konoha.

Dai finally got rid of the nickname Eternal Genin, and he got ranked as a Special Jonin.

Of course, some people opposed this idea.

However, Maito Dai is able to open the Seventh Gate of the Hachimon Tonkou, and he managed to kill Hozuki Itsuki.

After all, this is a world where power is everything.

Of course, with Dais strength, it wouldnt be a problem even if he got ranked as a Jonin, but the reason why he wasnt, is that hes bad in every other aspect and he needs to always work in a team.

In addition to this news, the Uchiha Clan announced that one of the Captains of Konoha Military Police Force has died.

Only a few people know the inside story, even within the Uchiha clan, few people knew how Tsuki really died.

And because of this Naito ignored the matter.

It took Naito two months to open the Second Gate after he opened the First one.

This time it took him four months to open the Third Gate.

After he opened the Third Gate: The Gate of View, the process was done without no accidents, so he managed to link it with the other two Gates.

When Naito opened the First Gate, hes chakra become comparable to a regular Shinobi, then after he opened the Second Gate, his chakra amount become comparable to a Chunin.

But this doesnt mean that the Second Gate has an amount of Chakra comparable to a Chunin, but when he linked the two gates, the First Gate enhanced his power and made him reach that level.

In fact, the First Gate has much more Chakra then the Second Gate.

Now after opening the Third Gate, the same thing happened again.

It took him almost a week to fully open it.

After that, Naitos Chakra reached the Jonins level!

Of course, Naito consummation isnt that big.

The real point behind opening the Third Gate was to enhance the power of the shocks, and it was increased by miles!

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