The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 75: The Village Hidden in the Rain

Naitos shock was definitely linked to the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou. When Naito opened the First Gate the power of the Shock was in the First Stage. When he opened the Second it reached the Second Stage.

And now when he opened the Third, Naitos shocks got more powerful.

Naitos punches now are able to shatter a Low-Level A-Class Ninjutsu!

At the same time, due to the enhancement in the Chakra, the amount of his Chakra increased, his control got a lot better, which strengthened his Brutal Force technique, Earthquake Release: Brutal Force is now capable of shattering a Mid-Level A-Class Ninjutsu.

Naito felt that even if hes not able to shatter a High-Level A-Class Ninjutsu, he will be able to at least change the course of the attack.

As for his shock waves, the increase wasnt big, at best it has the power of an A-Class Ninjutsu.

But it won more flexibility.

In fact, the increase in power he won didnt make him lose his flexibility.

After he opened the Third Gate and awakened the Third Stage of his Shock Power, Naito discovered that his shocks can be more flexible.

Now he can throw shocks!


In a Forest.

Naito was standing there, suddenly he pulled out his sword.

“Earthquake Release: Shogekiha!”

Holding that amazing sword, Naito gently waved it.

The sword released a white halo of light, this is wasnt a shock wave, the sword simply absorbed the power of the shock, however, the amazing thing is that the sword was able to withstand its power.

The white light didnt have that bleak color from before.

It was almost like a glowing white bubble of light, it was a quake bubble.

Of course, the only thing he was able to do is attaching the Shocks to the sword, he wasnt able to attach the Brutal Force technique too.

Suddenly, Naito waved his sword.


The sword sent several energy waves, theyve got thrown meters away before they disappeared.

The air crackled, then these cracks spread out tearing the space itself, it had an extremely powerful effect.


Because he couldnt add the Brutal Force technique, and also because it was a thrown technique, it was less powerful, but the range was really great!

Moreover, it was possible for Naito to increase its power but it would ruin the stability.

But he preferred that he could have thrown technique with such a great range!

In addition, after he opened the Third Gate, Naito speed increased a lot, so he had one more trick to try.

Kenjutsu: Kuzure!

It was simply based on the Kuzure move he learned from before, but it had more speed motion which completely changed it to a technique where he continuously hit one point several times.

In short, Naito was taking advantage of his high speed, Like Rock Lee he moves around the enemy at high speed, and throws three Shock Waves from three deferent directions, making the enemy the center of the attacks.

In fact, it was more like the Evening Elephant.

However, Since his speed wasnt compared to the speed of the Seven Gate, he was only able to do it from three directions.

Even so, the power is extremely amazing!

Whats the use of this attack?

Even if the trick requires the sword, even if its a throwing technique, but the Kuzure Technique is much powerful than Earthquake Release: Brutal Force!

A burst of damage that surrounded the enemy in the center, even if doesnt reach the S-Class level, it surely has the power of a High-Level A-Class Ninjutsu!

Moreover, this move is the same as the Evening Elephant, once you connect the first hit, it will be impossible to move, and the next two shots will definitely hit, Its difficult to avoid.

The only chance you has to avoid Naitos attack is to run immediately when he starts his attack.

As long as you dare to take the blow or fight back, then there will be no place to hide from the next two.

Unless you dont have a much powerful technique like the KenRai of the White Fang which can literally break Naito shocks with one blow, you will end up extremely miserable.

The opening of Third Gate and reaching the Third Stage opened a whole new path, Naito changed a lot!

Naito created a lot of new moves, but he couldnt know how strong they are.

Although, he felt if he encountered Uchiha Tsuki again, he would be much easier to kill!

He was sure he would have killed some of the candidates if he fought them with the power he has now.

“Hatake Kakashi become a Jonin at the age of twelve… Im still under the age of ten years old, and am already catching to these geniuses from the original story.”

Naito took a deep breath, then he smirked while he was looking at the sword in his hand.

With the current strength he has now, the shining stars of this war will not only be the Konohas White Fang and the three Sannin, maybe there will be one more person!

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Before, Naito was only thinking of protecting himself, but now hes mentality changed, the only thing he was thinking of is… Winning the Second Shinobi World War!


The Anbu department.

In an open hall, Naito was standing there.

He wasnt wearing his mask this time.

In general, the Anbus are required to wear their masks to cover their identities only when theyre performing tasks.

While some of the Anbus prefer to wear it all the time even when theyre in the Anbu department.

This time he came to the Anbu department because he was being called.

Naito thought that they will have another training, he didnt think that he was finally gonna become an official member!

And it wasnt just Naito, but there were more than half of the Anbu alternated members too, it seems like something has happened and the Anbu department suffered a lot of casualties.

Although the Anbus often perform various dangerous tasks, they dont suffer a lot of casualties, after all, they are all the elites of elites.

But this time they almost lost two squads in one mission, the casualties were really serious.

Naito wasnt optimistic about how he got put in the middle of this situation.

This is was the true beginning of the war.

The three big villages went in a big conflict but they still didnt have a massive battle, however, it seems it will not be far away before they will have that battle.

Becoming an official member, will means that he will need to join a squad.

However, Naito heard that there is a special squad where the members perform solo missions.

The Anbu department itself is a special squad, but theres an individual squad in the Anbu, this squad belongs directly to the Hokage, even the Captain of the Anbu doesnt have authority on its members.

In addition, most of the Anbus prefers to teams up with other members.

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