The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 76: Shocked

Yuu Naito waited for some time until a group of Anbus came to the place.

These Anbus were official members.

Of course, Naito is now an official member too.

“This is a direct order from the Hokage, Yuu Naito youre gonna join the Eight Team under the code name Yujin.”

One of the Shinobis who appeared to be the Captain of the squad put a document in front of Naito, which had some information about his identity and number, it also had some instructions about putting him in the Tactical assassination special force team, the Eight Team.

Naito took a glance at the document then he nodded: “Well, this is mean that youre all members of the Eight Team.”

“Yes, and am the Captain of the Eight Team, Horitsu Kudo, am a master of the Fire release and a Kenjutsu user, the code name is Kasai.” (T/N: Kasai: Fire)

The Ninja who handed him the documents, nodded then he introduced himself, at the same time, he took off his mask and let Naito see his face, then he put on his mask again.

Since theyre in the same team, they needed to understand each other before they can cooperate.

The other two Ninjas on the side of him did the same and took off their masks.

“My name is Asano Senna, am a Puppet Technique user, also a user of poison, code name Ghost.”

Asano Senna was carrying something wrapped with bandages on his back, it seems to be his puppet.

Maybe its just one of her puppets.

“I am a member of the Yamanaka Clan, am specialize in mind-related techniques, I can stop or even control the enemys movements, However, there are some conditions that need to be met before doing this, code name is Yoru.” (T/N: Yoru: Night)

Naito listens to them while he looked very calm, but also he had few strange expressions.

“Is there a problem?”

Yamanaka felt that Naito was a little bit strange.

Naito shook his head: “No.”

But Naito really felt strange, isnt Inos father one of the Yamanaka Clan too, but this is not her father, maybe hes her uncle or something?

Although he wanted to know, he didnt ask, after all, none of the Anbus members doesnt know the origins of the other members, the only reason they introduced them self because they needed to form a team, so they needed to build a mutual understanding of each other in order to cooperate.

What made Naito feels strange was that Yamanaka member in front of him wasnt forming a team with the Nara and the Akimichi Clan.

“Well, since the situation is very urgent, theres no time for training, we have an urgent mission to do.”

Horitsu said that with a calm tone.

“The mission is about spying, we need to spy on both the Village hidden by Rock and the Village hidden in by Rain, we need to strike hard if theres a chance of assassination, this is an urgent mission and we have to start now.”

“So urgent!”

It wasnt only Naito who was surprised, even Yamanaka and Asano seemed very surprised.

Horitsu nodded and said: “The situation is very serious, weve suffered a lot of casualties, we need to reorganize our lines and head back to the battlefield.”

“Naito is a newcomer, although hes very talented and had great results in the training, this is a real battlefield, and you two will have to take care of him.

“Yes.” Yamanaka and Asano nodded.

Naito had a helpless expression, but he didnt say anything, he just followed Horitsu out of the department.

Even Naito didnt expect things to happen this suddenly.

In the blink of an eye, he had to go to the Village hidden by Rain.

This time, despite the urgency, Naito didnt forget to say goodbye to Kushina.

Horitsu and the others also had things to deal with, so after leaving the department, they got separated after they decided to meet at the gate of the village.

Naito took off his mask and cloak then he quickly found Kushina in the village, he told her that he was gonna leave the village for a mission.

During this four months period, Kushina came every day to see Natio but she didnt interfere with his practices, she will stand there looking at him quietly, she knew how strong is Naito.

Even so, she couldnt be able to stop being worried about him, but also she couldnt stop him, so she chose to believe in him.

As a result, she listened to Naito telling her about how hes going out to the mission with a serious expression, then she came close to him and whispered.

“Be sure to come back safe.”

“Yeah, dont worry.”

Naito nodded gently, then he smiled at her, suddenly, he leaned toward her and kissed her on her forehead, after that, he turned around, and in the blink of the eye, he disappeared.

She looked at the direction where Naito left, while she had tears in her eyes, her red cheeks revealed her embarrassment.

After he said his goodbyes to Kushina, Naito put on his mask and cloak again.

The identity of the Anbu cannot be revealed, this is the rule.

He stopped in a corner and put on his mask and cloak, then he went all the way to the village gate.

When Naito dresses like this no one will try and stop him, well even if they wanted to stop him they couldnt, with his speed even Jonin wouldnt be able to catch to him.

When he came to the gate, he met up with Horitsu and the other again.

“Did you finished all of your preparations?”


“Well, you cant lose your focus by anything now, you must be vigilant all the time.”


Hokage Office.

Sarutobi was watching through his crystal ball Naito and the other leaving the village.

“Well I left him in the hands of Horitsu he will take a good care of Naito, as long as there are no accidents, there shouldnt be any problem.”

He whispered that subconsciously Sarutobi wanted to speak to someone, but Sakumo wasnt there, he also was in the Village hidden by Rain.

Hes the Hokage, he cant let his emotions control him.

The highest commander on the village hidden by Rain was Hatake Sakumo.

At that same time, Danzo also wasnt in Konoha, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, even Tsunade wasnt there, all of them headed to the Village hidden by Rain.

This is was the center of the Second Shinobi World War.

“I hope you can survive in this war, with your talent, you will grow even more, it wont be too far before he reaches the Jonin level.”

Sarutobi didnt add another sentence, with confident eyes he looked at the distance.


The Territory of the Fire Land.

Naitos team is advancing at full speed.

Along the way, Horitsu exchanged the vanguard with Asano and Yamanaka but he didnt ask Naito, he just followed them from the back.

Although Naito had an extremely stunning performance in the training, this is now a battlefield, this is the reality.

Even geniuses who didnt experience the true blood and fire are not considered as elites.

In their view, Naito will only be a burden.

Horitsu also received special instructions from Sarutobi, asking him to give more guidance and to take care of Naito, and if its necessary he will need to protect him.

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