The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 77: Naitos Attack

All the way forward, at the borders of the Land of fire.

The more they approached the borders Horitsu becomes quieter.

But it wasnt a complete silence since they needed to be vigilance all the time.

During this period of war, the small villages around the Land of fire will often be disturbed.

And the Village Hidden in the Rain will be the most dangerous, you may encounter enemies at any time.

The Village Hidden in the Rain is on the borders of the Land of Fire, Land of wind, and the Land of Earth.

And since its on borders or three big Villages it becomes the core of the battlefield.

The weather starts to change miles before the borders of the Rain Village, the blues bright sky become full of dark clouds.

The atmosphere is getting heavier.

Finally, after entering the Village it starts raining out of nowhere.

In the beginning, the rain was drizzle, then it becomes heavy.

Horitsu was in the forefront, Naito and the others were following him.

Horitsu was the leader of the squad, he was in charge of the missions, and exchanging information.

The moment they reached the village, Horitsu and his team start to gather information, after that, they start doing missions under his lead.

In fact, these missions were all belongs to the Anbu department.

“Yujin, you tag along with me and Yoru.”

Yamanaka nodded to Naito, then he looked at Horitsu

Horitsu added:”Well, you all know that were in the middle of the battlefield so all of you need to be careful.”


Naito was really uncomfortable with this, all of the treats him like a burden!

But they only do that because they care about him, he couldnt help but appreciate it.

In desperation, Naito nodded and moved in the middle of the team.

In the rear, Horitsu and Yamanaka nodded at each other.

“Protecting Yujin is one of our tasks.”

“But with the talent he has, it wont be long before he becomes really worthy, he only needs to do several missions, then he will turn from a rookie to a brilliant Shinobi.”

“But for now, we need to be more cautious.”

After whispering these words, the two of them start moving while they put Naito in the middle in order to protect him.

Naito didnt like this, but he didnt have a choice so he just shook his head and tagged along.

Let it go.

If people are sacrificing themselves in order to protect him, he cannot help but appreciate it.

The team began to move deep into the Village, then start performing missions.

The type of the missions were already as expected.

They will start by gathering information and scouting on enemys camps, once they have the chance, they will perform the assassination.

In short, its based on gathering information, following enemys traces, and ambushing.

Before they could notice a month has passed.

In this months time, Naito didnt have any chances to prove his worth, Horitsu, Asono and Yamanaka did all the hard work, Naito just stood in the back watching.

Naito can defeat all the Anbu alternate members, but in their opinion, Naito wasnt ready for this stage.

No matter who you are, you will hesitate the moment you are in a situation where you have to slaughter someone.

During this months time, Naito gave some ideas that amazed Horitsu and the others.

However, this is didnt change how they thought about him, they didnt let Naito participate in any battle.

As long as he doesnt participate in battles, Naito will never be a burden.

This is was the idea.

A month, this is the period they planned to have in here, now they deliver information to Konoha so they can go back again.

Once they go back in here they will go deep into the battlefield and complete their missions.

“We didnt have any casualties this month.”

Horitsu was still holding his sword: “Good job everyone, all of you did well, Yujin youre also very good, you didnt drag the team behind.”

He approached Naito slowly while he said that.

Theyve encountered a team of four Shinobis from the Rock, Horitsu and Yamanaka killed three of them in seconds.

But this sentence…. really pissed off Naito.

“Well lets go, the camp shouldnt be far away from here.”

Horitsu put his sword back then he starts moving.

The others looked at each other, then they followed him.

Since the months period they had here got considered successful, the atmosphere becomes less heavy.

After they moved for a while, the rain seemed to become heavier all of sudden.

Everyone felt that something was strange.

The Anbus were all elites so theyve reacted immediately.

“Not good! this an ambush!”

Horitsu knew that the situation theyve got put in wasnt good, but it was too late to think about the reason or they have got ambushed near to their camp.

He wanted to retreat immediately, but he pulled his sword instead.

However, something starts to appear under his feet!

A whirlpool starts to form under him, and all of sudden he got directly swept by its power.

“Water Release: Typhoon Water Vortex Technique!”


In that moment, where he got put in a life and death situation, Horitsu didnt hesitate to wave his fire sword.


However, his raging flames got extinguish by the water.


Suddenly, Horitsu had a shocked expression.

At that moment of life and death, Horitsu was a lot confident in his fire, even if it was an A-Class Ninjutsu he was sure that he will be able to create gab so he can retreat, but he couldnt even do that!

Theres one explanation of this… this Ninjutsu wasnt created by one person!


The rain was falling from the sky.

Naito watched Horitsu getting pulled by that whirlpool storm.

Pushi! Pushi!

Suddenly, the waters color changed to red!

“Team Leader!”

The shock on Yamanaka and Asanos face was really clear.


At the next moment, the storm disappeared with Horitsu having countless of holes in his body, he seemed struggling, then all of sudden, he fell on a pool of his own blood.

The rain was still falling, but it couldnt wash the bloody ground.

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