The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 78: Naitos Wrath

Everything happened too fast, Naito did nothing, the Captain who took a good care of him for an entire month died in front of him!

Although Horitsu seemed to treat Naito like a burden, he actually was only protecting him.

This is… the cruelty of war.

In the next second, anyone may die, even if wasnt Horitsu, it would have been someone else, no one can control his destiny in the war!

Naito took a deep breath and tried to calm himself, but the murdering stare didnt leave his face.

Whoosh! Whoosh!!

At the next moment, a dozen of Shinobis appeared.

They were wearing the uniform of the Rock.

Theyve got surrounded by the enemies, all of them looked very strong, they should be all Jonins or even more than that!

Everyone formed a circle around Naito.

One of them seemed very disappointed.

“Man, I thought I caught a big fish, but it appears that they were only few Anbus from Konoha.”

One of them looked at Naito and the other, then he shook his head, and said with a calm tone: “Hurry up and kill them so we can retreat, their camp will soon be here.”

despite the fact that their captain got killed, Yamanaka and Asano didnt forget their orders, they needed to protect Naito.

However, seeing the number of the enemies theyve couldnt help but feel desperate.

Obviously, the real target wasnt them.

Maybe they wanted to ambush Orochimaru and the others, or maybe their target was even a higher status Shinobi such as Sakumo.

But they were just in the way.

“There are so many of them… Damn it…”

Yamanaka knew that this is was a bad situation, the desperation controlled his mind and he couldnt think of any way to overwhelm this situation.

On the other side, Asano knew that theyve already wasted the only chance of escaping!

they knew that fighting back wasnt the answer, even if Naito was strong, it wouldnt be enough.

Its a hopeless situation.

Asano and Yamanaka were hopelessly thinking of a way to control the situation.

However, this was his time to shine.

Naito who did nothing up until now, all of sudden, he moved forward.

He moved forward with light steps, it seemed like it didnt have sound.

Suddenly he pulled out his sword.

His killing intent was all over the place.

Asano and Yamanaka watched Naito with a hint of disbelieving.

Unexpectedly, in this situation, the newbie is the one who moved first, his the one that wasnt scared by the enemys numbers.

but in a moment, they shook their heads and smiled.

What is the use of being scared anyway?

If youre going down, you better go down while youre fighting.

At the next moment, Naito waved his sword slightly.


A white light covered the blade of the sword, the scene was stunning.

At the same moment, Naito waved his sword so hard toward the enemies.

“Earthquake Release: Shogekiha!”

A white wave of energy thrown out by Naito and flew forward.

As soon as Naito start moving the enemy troop got ready for his attack, so they fell back the moment he released his technique.

However, Naitos technique had a really long range, it cannot be easily avoided!


At the next moment, the energy shockwave burst directly into the front.

The raindrops got frozen in the air!

Space starts cracking out and trembling, everything looked like it gonna turn upside down.

All of sudden the cracks spread out in every direction!

All the Shinobis who were close to the cracks fell back immediately, the closest one got swiped by its power, his body starts to shatter along a horrible sound, his whole body got damaged, then suddenly he fell on the ground!

Even some of the Ninjas who managed to retreat immediately felt a weird shock trembling their bodies.

In a flash, they all vomited blood!

With one wave of his sword, Naito managed to injure almost all of the enemys troop and made them all vomit blood!

Seeing this scene, Yamanaka, Asano, and everyone looked at the back of Naito with a shocked expression.

Yuu Naito… hes this strong?!

The Shinobis of the enemys troop were all Jonins.

The fact, that Nait could injure almost every single one of them is just too incredible!

Even the Shinobis of the Rock looked at Naito with an incredible expression on their faces.

They stared at Naito like they wanted to see the face under his mask.

as for the wounded ninjas, they retreated, then looked at him with a horrified expression.

They couldnt know what kind of power Naito have used.

Without using any kind of hand signs, with just a swipe of his sword, he sent out such a terrible power, its just too incredible!

However, they were all elites, although they got injured and vomited blood, they all reacted immediately.

No one dared to reveal any careless movements.

“Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave!”

“Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave!!”

In the blink of the eye, all of the enemys troop did the same hand signs then altogether cast the same Ninjutsu.

Suddenly, all the Ninjutsus got connected together and formed one big wave of water, it was so big that it could block the sun, it looked like its capable of devouring the ground!

“Water Release: Big Exploding Water Colliding Wave”

It might not be comparable to the same Ninjutsu that Kisame used against Team Gai, but its still so terrifying.

This horrible wave got bigger and bigger until it covered the sky above them.

Looking at this scene, both Yamanaka and Asano got shocked, they revealed a hint of horror and couldnt help but look at Naito.

With this kind of attack, it doesnt matter how strong he is, he wont be able to stop it.

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