The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 78: Naitos Wrath

nd signs, they were still got hit by Naitos blows!


At this time, cracks start to appear on the ground.

All the enemies in the direction of the cracks fall and got ingest by the ground.

The rain froze in the air for a moment then fell again.

But this time, the blood was all over the place.

The shocks continued on crashing and destroying the ground, forming the shape of the flowers, the flowers of hell, the word beauty wasnt the right word to describe these ones, it was entitled by the words Blood and Horror.

At this point, the Rocks Shinobis got overwhelmed by Naitos power, smashing and destroying at first sight, that was Naitos plane!

The battle ended in a second.

From the moment he starts moving until he crashed almost all the enemys troop, they couldnt do anything!

What a stunning scene.

Everyone had a shocked expression!

Naito is very strong, from the moment he starts waving his sword, everyone knew that.

When they know that they werent facing the Anbu Captain the expression they will have on their faces will not be able to be described in words.

How shocking.

They were powerful Shinobis, they were the elites of elites!

They even examine all the odds and gathered information on everyone in Konohas camp.

But before they even know, Naito destroyed them all, they couldnt even block him!

Its just unbelievable that one person could destroy a whole troop.

As for Yamanaka and Asano, theyve couldnt believe what theyve seen with their own eyes, its just too incredible.

Looking at Naitos back, theyve could see the shadow of their Captain, the shadow of Hatake Sakumo the Captain of the Anbu department.

Naito didnt even get scratched after killing almost all the enemys troop.

If theres any word to describe him it will be invincible!

This guy… is very strong!”

“I didnt expect to find such a big fish, this is a really big fish.”

“Unfortunately, its only one fish.”

Only four people of the Rock Village remind.

And its clear that one of them was the leader of the troop.

Someone who was trusted by a big troop like this one should be high ranked Shinobi, he may even be one of the strongest Shinobis in his Village, he may even have a special secret technique or a bloodline

The enemys troop who got humiliated by Naito, lost their advantage, and they only had four people remaining, Naito didnt reveal any kind of expressions.

He only seemed very calm.

His eyes were shining with a murderer instinct.

There are no words to say in this kind of situation, there were no questions to be asked, words dont need to be spoken in war.

theyre Shinobis from different Villages, theyre meant to kill each other, in a battle of life or death you dont have any choice but to fight.

The battle will break out again in an instant!

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