The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 79: The Power of Heaven and Earth

he saw this scene, his eyes suddenly revealed a trace of mockery.

Are you sure you want to block me?!


The next moment, the white halo light he had on his blade disappeared.

Instead, the blade starts to trembling making the space around it distorted.


“Not good! avoid it now!”

His allies shout at him to avoid Naitos attack.

After he saw Naitos sword waving toward him, his heart sunk in fear.

He already lost the opportunity to dodge the moment he cast those techniques.

But at the same time, he still had confidence that even if he couldnt block Naitos attack it wouldnt kill him.

As long as he can catch Naito and stop his movement, his allies will reverse the situation and kill him.

So as long as he somehow catches Naito everything will be okay.


With no sound or trembling, Naito waved his sword.

It looked like a simple sword wave.

However, this wave had the power of both heaven and earth.

Everyone watched with a trace of fear.

Silently, they saw how Naitos sword cut through the body of the Shinobi from the top of his head down to his feet.

He looked like he was cutting a dead tree.

The Shinobi flew in the air, with a hint of hopelessness and disbelief in his eyes, he tried to look down at Naitos face under his mask as he was going down.

But he couldnt see anything.


His body split into two halves accompanied by a bath of blood.

Under the overwhelming power of Naito, the first person died!

With a cold stare on his face, Naito looked toward the three remaining Shinobis.


Seeing this scene the Captain of the troop couldnt help but clench his teeth.

Losing men on the battlefield is unavoidable… but losing all of your men by the hands of one person is just unbearable!!

He lost all of his men in one ambush, the price he paid for this one was too expensive!

“I dont believe this, does he have an endless Chakra?!”

The remaining Shinobis stared at Naito, in a way that looked like they wanted to know his identity, but the mask and cloak made it impossible an impossible task.

In the Shinobi world, you cant even judge someones age by his body size.

However, even if his identity was the army commander of Konoha, he should be exhausted by now after using so much power, even if he has an extremely high amount of Chakra it should be over by now.

In this case, as long as they can drag him more, there will be a chance to kill him!

As long as he ends up dead, he will be able to make up for the casualties.

With this idea in his mind, the enemys Captain starts printing hand signs: “He should be exhausted by now, we cant give him a chance to escape!”


The other two looked at Naito like he was already a dead man.

But what they didnt know is that Naito never thought about running away!

The only thing he was thinking of was destroying all the enemies in front of him!

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