The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 8: Maito Dai

If it was any other student facing this C-Class Ninjutsu, he would be killed!

But thats not the case for Naito, without hesitation he retreated.

However, his speed isnt comparable to the speed of the Fireball.

The fireball is about to hit Naito. But his eyes werent dead yet suddenly an idea came to him, and toward the fireball, he advanced.

“Time to split some shit up!!”


With halo burst again around his fist he was confident, but this time he needs to increase his control its not just a full charge attack, he needs to split it.

However the fireball was at the perfect distance for Naito to crash it, so he attacked with all his power…


The fireball split into two halves, the flames didnt even touch Naitos body.


Seeing this scene, Naito didnt reveal any happiness, but he was just calm.

He still cant fight against a C-Class ninjutsu, he just found a clever way to deal with it…

However, the fireball was very close to him.

And the students didnt saw what happened, so they were having very horrified expressions.

“Hes.. dead…”

“Oh My God, this is a so terrible that was a murder.”

All that the students saw was Naito being overwhelmed by the fireball.

Everyone panicked.

Kushina couldnt stay still she freaked out and rushed into the field, her eyes were full of tears.

Why did u choose Naito and Izumi what did he do to you? why didnt you stop Naito when you had the chance??

At this time, the only one who could stop all of this was Nakamoto who was clenching his teeth.

It looks like Naito is dead.

Even Uchiha Izumi thought that was the case too, he thought Naito has turned into ashes, his face was a little bit pale, but his eyes were cold.

Suddenly, his expression directly changed, a shock crossed his face.

Because from the flame a shadow starts to slow down a little by little, finally it was clearly Naitos shadow.

All of sudden he rushed out.


“How did you…??!”

Uchiha Izumi thought for a moment that he was delusional but watching Naito coming out from the flames he panicked, and dushed toward him.

Surviving that Fireball must have warned all of his power.

Thinking of that Uchiha Izumi showed confident eyes.

However, facing him Naito showed cold eyes and a fist to colid Izumis.

White halo surrounded Naitos fist.


Again its that strange sound, cracks spread into the air, it seems that space itself is fragmenting.

Izumis arm was doing strange sounds too, his body couldnt resist such a power, he was on the edge of losing his arm!

That was a strong wave of shock it was an all-out one.

“this is impossible…”


The power of the show thrown Uchiha Izumi at distance, his eyes wasnt dead yet, suddenly he spits blood, under the pain his body was dealing with he fainted right away.

The silence was dominating the place.

Naito took his clothes and start putting out the flames.

Finally, someone breaks the silence with an uproar.

“this is impossible!!”

“God! this is not true, right?!”

“How did he escape that fireball??”

Suddenly everyone reacted, everyone felt like it was a dream, everyone was showing

Shocking faces.

They couldnt believe it, Hane Naito… won against Uchiha Izumi??

In another word, Naito is no longer the failure of the school, No, hes one of the geniuses!

This is incredible!

Between the crowd there she was, Kushina with tears in her eyes.

She couldnt react.

Naito didnt want to ignore the other students, but he had to see Kushina, he went to her, his arm got burned a little bit.

“Sorry, I didnt keep my promise, I still suffered one injury”


Kushina tears of worries merged with her tears of happiness.


Kushina wiped her eyes, then restored her lively face.

At the field, Nakamoto was shocked.

He looked horrified.

“you, you…”

“it seems I won!”

Naito said that with a calm face.

Nakamoto couldnt believe that he simply didnt think Naito have any chance against Uchiha Izumi!

If It was Naito who got injured it would have been fine, but its Izumi, he will be blamed for what happened.

His expression was very disgraceful, be he declared Naito as the winner anyway, while doing it he nealed toward him and said to his ear.

“Doing what you did to an Uchiha, you should watch your back Naito-kun”

“I think this is none of your concern, sensei”

Dazed Naito responded, then left the field.

all of the students were looking to him, but they took a long time to believe the fact that he won.

He even caught Minatos attention, he started to be more interested in him.

After that test, Naito was the center of the attention in the school.

Many people were amazed by the power he showed.

Naito explained that it was a Kekkei Genkai, an earthquake type.

It was a perfect explanation.

After All, in this word there is a great chance to get a power like this it called bloodline limits like the Uchiha eyes or the Hyugas, some other Kekkei Genkai include mixing one type of elemental chakra with another like the wood or the ice type.

It shocked everyone at first, but after a while, everyone starts to accept it.

Hidden Leaf Village, at an open space.

The sky was getting darker, but Naito didnt leave yet, he continued to train his body.

This is was his first time doing this proudly, but Naito knew its not gonna be the last time hes gonna get in trouble, so he put more effort into training, his goal was to enhance more power from the Gura Gura no Mi.

“Four hundred and fifty-one, four hundred and fifty-two … four hundred and ninety-nine, five hundred!”


When he reached his predetermined number of sets, Naito stretched his muscles, then he stood up.

While hes outside he wouldnt do extreme exercises.

Only at home, he will squeeze every component of his body.

Although it wasnt a big deal in the Ninja world, Naito learned at a very young age to take care of himself and his improvement.

“Nice just a little bit, and am gonna have what it takes.”

With a sweating body, Naito walked into the home.

It was almost month since he eaten the fruit that should not have appeared in this world.

In this month, Naito gave up on doing all hes Ninjutsu and chakra practice and turned all his forces into training his body.

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