The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 81: Information

The rain continued falling on the red ground.

The pressure was too tense, the blood was everywhere, it was like the gates of hell have opened on the earth, average people would get extremely frightened out.

The shinobis were standing in the rain.

They didnt care about that, or about getting wet, they didnt even care about the dead bodies all over the place.

The Rocks Ninjas were staring at Naito.

Naito was standing there carrying his sword facing the three Ninjas.

“Earth Release: Rocks Cannon!”

One of the Ninjas shouted that then pressed his hands on the ground.


The ground starts shooting Rocks toward Naito.

In the face of this Ninjutsu, Naito didnt need to avoid it, with a simple move he also pressed his hands on the ground.


The ground start trembling, and destroying every rock, the Ninjas Ninjutsu got completely shattered by Naito.

But it didnt stop there!

The ground under Naitos feet started to crack forming the shape of a spider web.

The cracks spread out in every direction making it very hard to avoid.

The three Shinobis fell back immediately avoiding the spreading cracks.

At the same moment they retreated, Naito sent shockwaves through the cracks under his feet.


The waves spread in every crack on the ground.

Suddenly, the crack starts to shoot the shockwaves he sent in every direction.

The three Shinobis jumped while they were printing hand signs.

“Water Release: Breakthrough!”


The Shocks slammed the water release and destroyed it.

However, the water release blocked the shockwaves.

“We cant even attack, his attack has a very long distance, hes so strong, am afraid that were losing.”

“Damn it! who is this guy exactly, Ive never heard of someone like him with this kind of bloodlimit.”

Both of them looked very worried, a hint of a surprise appeared in their eyes.

“Dont worry about it, we only need to lose time until he went out of Chakra, then we will attack.”

These words didnt ease their worries, but it sure made sense, the more he keeps on attacking, the more he will get tired, then it will be their victory.

Naito knew what the Shinobis were thinking.

It was very clear that they wanted to drag him out of Chakra.

However, Naito was only using his Shocks, his consumption of Chakra was very low.

If This is the case… Then show me what youve got!

Naitos eyes flashed with confidence, thinking of the Jonins Shinobis in front of him, Naito wouldnt be able to face them before.

This war made him grow up mentally and physically.

Naito really proved his worth in this war!

opening the Third Gate, and reaching the Chakra level of a Jonin made him also awaken the Third Stage of his Shock power, which covered his weaknesses and made it very hard for the enemies to get an advantage of it.

Naito was really unstoppable!

Naito crushed dozen of Shinobis all by himself!

One against three.

Naito fought a fierce battle to reach this outcome!

And it already the time for another clash!

This is a certain outcome and no one can change it!

These well trained Shinobis got overwhelmed by the power of one Anbu member.

However, comparing Naito to any Anbu member is an overstatement.

Naito did what all the Anbu members though is impossible!

Hes capable of crashing any Ninjutsu, or even outspeed anyone and kill him, as long as hes not facing a strong Ninja, Naito is capable of killing anyone!

But against these three average Ninjas from the Rocks Village, he was too lazy to use his speed.

Well, it was really unnecessary.

Naito was aware of their strength, and he already confirmed that none of them was comparable to him.

Naito holding his sword in his hand took a step toward the enemies.

With no extra moves, Naito started to approach the enemies step by step.

He was thinking of crushing them with his Shogekiha Technique!

Naitos intentions were very clear, the three Shinobis were ready to block anything he was gonna throw at them.

So at the same time, they were taking steps back.

Whenever he took a step, the Rock Shinobis will fell several steps back.

Three Shinobis were afraid to block one single attack from his sword.

The scene has become extremely strange.

This is started to look like a practice more than a war.

In fact, the Shinbois of the Rock didnt really have a choice.

They couldnt rush forward, it has been verified many times before that they cant block his attacks.

And the chance for a complete escape is really impossible!

The three Shinbois couldnt help but join their forces to block Naitos long-range attack.

If they try to escape, they will end up dead, since they already saw Naitos high speed!

Therefore, they decided to block Naitos attack until he went out of chakra.

In the beginning, they believed in this plan.

But the more he moved the more they got doubts about it, then they finally start to panic.

His Chakra isnt running out!

“This guy… what is he made of?”

“Does he have an infinite Chakra? his attacks…”


One of them vomited blood, although they could block his attacks, the power of the shockwaves reached them little by little until one of them went down.

Naitos sword didnt stop moving.

The look on the Shinobis faces start to change from surprising, to shocking, to disbelieving, and finally, they reached the stage of desperation.

They finally understood… that Naitos Chakra wasnt the case here!

But even if they understood that it wont change the fact that they can get easily killed by Naito, he only was using them as a punching bags up until now.

In the eyes of the Rocks Shinobis, they saw Naito as a big huge hill that they will never be able to cross!

No one can stop him, hes just invincible!


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