The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 81: Information

Rain Village.

The establishment of the camps can only be built on high grounds.

Konohas camp was on a high hill, but it wasnt a temporary one, this place was their Headquarters of operations for a long time.

It was more like a small village.

The general commander of Konohas army room was in the center of the camp.

Sakumo was standing there quietly looking at his table, analyzing the situation of the battlefield.

Secretly, he was also the Anbu Captain.

He was more important then Orochimaru or any other Jonin, he was the frontline commander of this war.

At this time a Ninja rushed into his room.

The blood was all over him.

Sakumo just looked at him, he didnt need to ask questions, the scout Ninja starts immediately on giving him the information that he risked his life to deliver it.

“Sakumo-san, weve discovered that an enemy troop from the Rocks has gone deep into our defenses.”

“How could this happen?”

Sakumo revealed a trace of shock.

An assassination force sneaked into our camp, so the target must be an important figure of Konoha or even one of our armies.

Once the ambush is successful, the consequences will be so serious.

If an elite such as Orochimaru, or Jiraiya got killed, it will have a big influence on the direction of the war itself.

“Did you manage to determine the approximate location?”

“Its roughly northwest, but I couldnt determine the specific location.”

“Okay, understood, you can go and rest for a while.”

Sakumo nodded and waved his wave in a way that indicated the medical troops to came immediately and help this injured Ninja.

At the same he immediately summoned several of Shinobis, to start an urgent gathering.

An ambush has been discovered.

An assassination troop force had sneaked in, this is really a bad situation, Sakumo finally decided that he will lead them personally to make sure they dont go any further in their territory.

Suddenly, someone broke into the room.

To dare to broke in the room in this serious situation, he shouldnt be an average person.

It was Danzo, hes also one of the frontline commanders, however, Danzo is always working undercover where he carried out various of assassination targets, he rarely interferes in the frontlines of the battlefield.

The frontlines were led by Sarutobi and Sakumo.

“Hatake Sakumo, you cant leave.”

Danzo refuted Sakumos decision.

Sakumo responded: “We are equal here, there are no special cases, casualties include everyone, if an enemy troop is on our territory, we cannot let it go any further, we will strike with all what we have to break their progress.”

Danzo said: “Were still in the first stage its a Cold War, if you go out now, the words will spread out to the enemies, do you like them to know that theres no one left to protect Konoha?”

“Of course no.”

Sakumo calmly looked at Danzo, who really had a point.

“I can destroy them all without leaving any traces.”

Danzo said that and waited for Sakumo who kept silent for a while, finally, Sakumo nodded at him while he had an unpleasant expression on his face.

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