The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 82: Facing Danzo

us captains!


The Village Hidden by Rain, Konohas Camp.

After Sakumo left the place, Danzo was temporary in charge of everything, hes the second under Sarutobi, his status is definitely higher than Hatake Sakumo.

At this time, a masked Root Ninja appeared in front of Danzo, and said: “Danzo-Sama, a group of Anbus came back from a mission.”

“Well, let them in.”

Danzo nodded at him, almost all of the Anbu were taken by Sakumo, so it was natural that his men were handling everything instead.

Shortly, Naito, Yamanaka, and Asano came in.

They returned to the camp since their Captain got killed, Naito didnt know how to hand over the rest of the tasks, so he decided to directly see Sakumo.

However, what he didnt expect is that Danzo was the one sitting in the Commander Room instead of Sakumo.

Sakumos team and Naito took different roots so they didnt encounter each other.

“Why theres only three of you? Whos your Captain?”

Danzo didnt recognize Naito due to the mask and the cloak.

“Our Captain Horitsu got killed in the duty.”

Asano took a deep breath before he answers Danzos question.

Danzo got surprised.

Horitsu Kudo?!

Danzos Root was a Siplentery force and didnt have anything to do with the Anbu, but he still had a basic understanding of all the Anbus members.

“Your Captain got killed it should have been a very critical situation, its really amazing that three of you could get out of there alive, very good.”

Danzo nodded, then he looked at Naito.

He didnt recognize him at first, but the moment he knew that they were the Eight Team, he knew it was Naito, Although he was wearing a mask.

After a few moments, Danzo stood up then he looked at them and said: “You three, come with me.”

Asano and Yamanaka were about to follow the order, suddenly Naito faced him and said: “Sorry, but you have no right to order us.”


Danzos eyes instantly changed its colors, then he stared at Naito: “Is that so?!”

“Yes, were Anbus who works directly under the lead of the Hokage, apart from the Captain and Sarutobi-Sama, we dont follow anyones orders.”

Naito responded calmly to Danzo.

Is this a joke, Danzo wants to take them three with him, gods know what hes gonna pull out!

Following Danzo is a nonsense!

Danzo looked at him with a cold stare then said: “If the Anbu Captain isnt here, and the Hokage is not here, the leadership goes temporarily to me, are you willing to disobey?”

In a flash, Danzo starts to put pressure on him.

However, Naito wasnt afraid.

“I need to see a authenticate document from the Hokage that accord what you said.”

Naito looked at Danzo with a calm expression.

At this time, Asano and Yamanaka couldnt pick a side, Naito was clearly in charge of them, but, obviously, Naito and Danzo have some kind of conflict.

Danzo narrowed his eyes while he stared at Naito.

At first, Sarutobi was the one whos protecting this kid, but now, Naito dares to face him!

That little devil thinks since he joined the Anbu he can go against him?

Even if his talent was unique, hes just a little kid who didnt grow up yet.

“You arrogant kid.”

Danzo yelled at Naito with a stare on his face.


Suddenly several masked Shinobis from the Root appeared in the room, Naito got surrounded.

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