The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 85: Leaving!

When the news of Naito delivered back to Konoha, it was very moving, and it shocked all the elites there.

Even if it was due the Hachimon Tonkou Jutsu, it shocked everyone including Sarutobi.

Sarutobi though for a while, then he sent his instructions back to the camp.

The instructions were passed quickly to the frontlines.

First, the information about Naito are classified as top secret and it must not be leaked to the enemies or anyone.

Second, Naito will be transferred to the Anbu Special squad and his code name will still be Yujin.

The third was some information on a secret mission to Naito.

In addition to these three instructions, Sarutobi added some other information, such as, Naito now is one of the most important figures in Konoha, his relationship with the leadership of the Village become very strong, he can ask anything he wants, and the village will do everything to grant all of his needs.

After the end of the war, Naito will have access to the book of the secret forbidden techniques of Konoha.

After entering a secret room under the ground, Naito expression changed.

He didnt expect that Sarutobi will let him enter the secret Hall of the Anbu special force squad, this unit belongs directly to the Hokage, only Sarutobi and Sakumo can order them.

Even the team leaders cant order them.

Perhaps their not as strong as the Captain of the Anbu, but their status is the same as him!

Moreover, the members of this squad generally dont meet each other since they do solo missions, and each one of them is considered as a secret weapon of Konoha!

Sarutobi thought a lot before he transfers Naito.

Hes maybe still a child but he has the power to be a side captain or even a team leader.

Considering the strength he has, Sarutobi though that the best position suitable for Naito is to be in this squad, Naito doesnt need to cooperate with others.

However, this is will conceal the identity of Naito in the war.

Unless he fights in the frontline, Naito will not get a good reputation.

However, the battlefield didnt break out completely yet, anything can happen, he maybe will be the one who will lead the frontlines when the time comes, Sakumo, on the other hand, has killed the name he made for himself when he secretly becomes the Anbu Captain.

Since Sarutobi said that Naito can demand anything he wants, Naito mentioned that politely.

Naito is not in need of a sword anymore, but he had some idea about the Kusanagi sword, so he asked for some information about this topic.

Naito now is qualified to ask for such information.

After that, the second was a secret technique that belongs to the Village Hidden by Clouds.

Lightning Release Armour is a mystical technique, in fact, its a very common technique in The Cloud Village, but if you want it to be as strong as the Third Raikage, you will need to have a very good control on the Lightning Nature.

The scrolls sent quickly to Naito.

Now Naito had his hands on two important scrolls, the first is the information about the Kusanagi Swords and the second is the Lightning Release Armour.

In Konohas camp, theres a secret place for the special squad members.

Naito now has the same status as them, all of them are ranked second under the Anbu Captain.

So theres a special room for Naito, and the space in the room was very large.

After returning to his room, Naito took a look at the two scrolls.

He first read the scroll about the Kusanagi sword.

At first glance, Naito revealed a thoughtful expression.

The information about the Kusanagi swords was very detailed.

It first started with the history of these swords.

These swords were handmade by the Kusanagi Clan, and their work was named after them.

There are more than a single sword, and they all have different abilities.

Such as the Kusanagi sword that Orochimaru had, that sword can quickly extend and retract its blade to attack from long distances, also it can turn to countless snakes.

Even the sword of Uchiha Itachi was made by the Kusanagi Clan, it was the one that Orochimaru was looking for.

It has the ability to seal anybody, and it was a very suitable match for his Susano.

Theres no limit to the number of the Kusanagi swords, but in this scroll, they only had information on three of them.

Naito doubted the information in this scroll because in the original story only three of them appeared, but maybe theres more.

For thousands of years, the Kusanagi Clan kept working on their swords, generation after generation, from Village to another, until they ended up in a small village.

But during the first war, this village got destroyed.

and all the Kusanagi swords disappeared.

At the end of the scroll, there was a strange information, it says that if all the Kusunagi sword were gathered together, it will gain a special ability, but the ability was unknown.

Seeing this, an idea crossed Naitos mind, Orochimaru wanted to collect all the Kusanagi swords in his days, there must be a reasonable reason for this since the Kusanagi sword he had was really suitable for him.

There was a following information on the three Kusanagi swords.

It says that theres a rumor about one of the Kusanagi sword being in the Village hidden by Sand since they were the ones who attacked the Village where the Kusanagi Clan lived.

This is mean, that Orochimaru didnt get his hands on the Kusanagi sword yet.

As for the other two, it said that one of them appeared on the black market, then it disappeared, and the other one is completely disappeared.

The information on the scroll ended here.

Naito closed the scroll and burned it immediately.

Although he wasnt completely satisfied, at least he was able to get some information, it was better than nothing.

At the same time, Naito had a weird vision for a moment, he felt like he saw the Kusanagi sword when he was very young.

Moreover, Naito felt like he had a connection between him and the Kusanagi Clan.

However, this is was just a feeling, and he didnt want to think a lot about it.

Instead, he picked up the second scroll and took a good glance at it.

After reading it from the beginning to the end, Naitos expression didnt seem happy, it was more like he was disappointed.

It only had the basics of the Armour technique, it didnt even have the information on the other stages of this technique, it only talked about the first stage.

There should be more stages of this technique.

However, it was only the first stage, and it was really easy for Naito to learn.

The force Naito got after opening the Third gate wasnt that amazing, and he clearly needed to search for another way to get stronger.

The Lightning Release Armour was the thing Naito needed.

So he immediately started learning it.

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