The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 86: Kill!

The first step to master the Lightning Armour Technique is to learn how to modify the Nature of Lightning, and to learn how to control it.

Naitos affinities Natures are wind and lightning, so naturally, this is the easiest step to do.

As for Chakra amount it wasnt a problem for Naito.

After all, Naitos current amount of Chakra reached the level of Jonin, and its fully up to the standards of practicing this technique.

As for the control of the Chakra, Naitos control is not compared to an average person.

It took almost no time for Naito to control his Chakra Nature.

Naito at this time, even if he wants to learn the Chidori it wont take him too much effort.

However, Chidori needs printing, even the upgraded version Raikiri has the same issue, its not suitable for Naito, hes learning the Lightning Nature just for the sake of the Armour Technique.

Practicing the Armour Technique was easier then what Naito expected.

Maybe its due to Naitos strong body that can withstand the lightning stimulation.

Due to this Technique, Naito didnt only get physically stronger, but his nerve system got better which reflected on his speed.

And with this enhancement, Naito didnt only get faster, but he got as twice as fast!

Naito could only attack from three directions before when he used the Kuzure technique, but now hes able to attack from five different directions.

Of course, the five directions wasnt his limit, he can get even faster, but the power of the shocks didnt reach that stage when he can use it like this.

After all, the source of his speed is a different one from the source of his Shocks power.

However, the enhancement he gained physically made his shock more powerful.

With a full power punch from the Earthquake Release Brutal Force Technique, hes now capable to smash a High-Level A-Class Ninjutsu.

The ordinary use of the Earthquake Release Brutal Force is now capable of smashing a Mid-Level A-Class Ninjutsu.

Now, for Naito, the ordinary use is called Brutal Force and the serious punch is the Super Brutal Force Technique.

After reaching the level of a Jonin, the consumption of using the Brutal Force Technique become really low.

The practicing of the Armour Technique brings with it a lot of enhancement to Naito in all aspect.

Although the first stage didnt complete yet, Naito was already looking forward to the second stage and possibly the third, considering that he will encounter some of the Shinobis from the Cloud Village.

It took him a month to finally reach the first stage and half of the second, Sarutobi finally sent orders to Naito.

Naito got the information on this mission a while ago, but since he needed to learn the Armour Technique first and the mission wasnt that urgent, he delayed it, but now the war became more and more fierce, and he couldnt delay it anymore.

Moreover, doing missions wont effect on his training.

Naitos mission was very special, he needed to go undercover and dresses like an ordinary person, then mix up with the people in the Rain Village.

Naito needed to spy on the Rock Shinobis, and also on Hanz? of the Salamander.

However, Naito completely ignored Hanzo since he already knows that he wont be there, and he will fight later with the three Sannin.

However, Naitos target wasnt only Hanzo, he had some Shinbois from The Rain, the Rocks, and even from the Sand.

The assassination was one of his tasks.

Spying and assassination were the kinds of tasks that handled by the Special force squad.

Naito can use any means that he wants in order to complete his task.

After some preparations, Naito left Konohas camp.

In order to do this mission, he first dressed like an ordinary person from the Rain, then he sneaked into the territory of the Rain Village, then he starts right away on gathering information.

Naito also wanted to take this opportunity to gather some other information about the Kusanagi sword that was in the hands of the Sand Village, the moment he will get the chance he will take that sword to himself.


Shortly after Naito left the camp, a Ninja from the root went in the underground of the camp to deliver this information to Danzo.

Danzo had a stare on his face.

“Naito left the camp and he wasnt wearing his mask and cloak… what is the meaning of this, does he have a secret mission from Sarutobi?”

“The hell with him, why did he even transferred him to the special force squad?”

As the second man under the Hokage, Danzo had access to all the information about the Anbu department.

However, the only particular department he didnt have the access to see its information is the Special Force Squad, the number codes of its member are classified top secret, he couldnt gather any information on that squad.

its only known to the Hokage and the Anbu Captain.

Since Naito got transferred to this Squad, Danzo couldnt get any information on him since it classified also top secret, he couldnt know what happened.

Therefore, Danzo was so confused, he didnt understand the intentions of Sarutobi, in his view, Naito wasnt qualified to join this squad.

Even if he was so talented, he didnt grow up yet to be a member of this squad.

Maybe it was a try from Sarutobi to protect Naito.

With this thought in mind, Danzo had a weird color in his eyes.

“If this is the case, then you might as well give him to me Sarutobi.”

After this sentence, Danzo immediately summoned two of his Shinobis.

“Nara Shika, Kuraso, you two are the best at spying, I need you to follow Naito and pay attention to everything he does.”


The two of them nodded toward Danzo, then they left immediately.

Looking at them leaving Danzo shook his head, and said: “Kuraso has a serious problem with his body, even with the help of Orochimaru we couldnt figure out his ill.”

“Its really a pity that we lost a man from the Yamanaka Clan lately, otherwise, it wouldve been better to send him with Shika, I will need to recruit someone from the Yamanaka Clan soon.”

When he thought about it, Naito should be really strong right now, but anyway, people die in wars.

He couldnt wait for the moment when he has Naito in his hands, after that, he will have someone that could spy on Sarutobis Special Force Squad.

A talented kid, with a strong bloodline technique, Yuu Naito will be the best tool in his hands.

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