The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 88: Secret Base

Nara Shika is indeed dead, but he sent a message with all the information before he died.

After receiving the information from him Danzos expression became awkward.

“This is impossible.”

There were some of the Roots Ninjas standing beside him, but they were too afraid to even speak.

He had a very horrified expression on his face.

The information Shika left for Danzo was an analysis of the Naitos strength and ability.

Originally, Danzo was expecting that the two of them will fail to bring Naito to him, so he wasnt that surprised by the outcome.

but after he saw the information about Naitos strength he was shocked.

Naitos is so powerful!

No wonder that Sarutobi transferred him to the Special Force Squad, he wasnt trying to protect him, Naito is just qualified to join it!

For years Danzo observed the growth of a lot of geniuses such as Orochimaru.

However, he never saw an improvement like the one Naito has achieved!

The growth of Naito is surprising every time, he became certain that theres no way to control Naito anymore!

Danzo took a deep breath to calm down.

His eyes were shining.

“Yuu Naito, with his fast improving, sooner or later he will become uncontrollable, Sarutobi, what the hell are you doing.”


Rain Village, in a small town.

In a dar corner, there were three Ninjas whispering.

“Whats the situation?”

“Theres still no movements taken by the Rain, Konoha and the Rock also didnt take any more movements.”

“Were expecting them to move very soon, we need to know every movement before it got too late.”


The three ninjas exchanged information with each other.

And just as they were about to leave, a figure appeared beside them.

It was extremely fast, although the three people felt his presence they couldnt dodge, they didnt even have time to cast a substitution technique.


All that they could see is a Silver Flash moving toward them, he stopped for a moment and they saw a figure holding a sword.

He was wearing a raincoat that is a common thing to wear in the Rain Village, but it was a little worn up, they couldnt take a good look at his face, but his eyes were shining with confidence.

Its Yuu Naito.

“It was really boring listening to you guys for such a long time.”

He turned around, then shook his head an sighed.

The three ninjas at this time knew that this was a dangerous situation, they wanted to run, but their upper bodies couldnt move.

Splashing blood.

Naito put his sword back on his scabbard and suddenly the three men fell on the ground, Naito killed the three of them.

There was no blood on his blade while he was putting it back into his scabbard.

Naito turned and looked at them.



Naitos sword disappeared instantly, then the scroll got marked by some letter that representing the seal.

Since he can hide it, Naito doesnt have to carry his sword on his back all the time.

If it was a short sword, he wouldnt consider doing that, but the sword is so long, so he needs to seal it every time.

However, its really easy to unseal it at any time.

He put the scroll in his pocket then he turned and left the place like nothing has happened.

This is a small town in the Rain Village that Naito stayed in it for a few days now.

But he didnt get any useful pieces of information.

Its time to change the place.

After he packed up his stuff, Naito was ready to leave the town.

However, as Naito was walking through the streets, he heard some noise from a distance.

This town isnt big, there are only a few ninjas, and most of the people around here are ordinary.

Although its one of the main Villages in the Rain, its really calm one since its not in the middle of the battlefield.

However, its only temporary, the war will reach this place sooner or later.

“Catch them both!”

“These two are thieves!”

The screams were all around the place, and the crowd was in chaos, there were two persons running through the crowd holding some loaf of bread.

The people chasing them couldnt chase the two of them due to the big crowd.

Naito wasnt interested in solving this situation so he kept walking until he heard a word that stopped him immediately.

“Konan! lets go!”

a teenager with orange hair rushed through the crowd, followed by a little girl with a blue hair.

Some guys continued on chasing them.

“Its them!”

Naito got a little bit confused, these two seems very familiar.

Yahiko and Konan!

Nagato was missing, but definitely, they were the three kids that Jiraiya trained.

He didnt expect to encounter such important people in a small town like this, but it appears that they still didnt start their organization yet.

Of course, thats mean that Nagato still didnt start the Akatsuki since he still didnt meet Madara.

Yahiko took the road and started running, then Konan followed him, but she wasnt as good as Yahiko after all.

Its okay to steal something if you could run away after that.

While she was running, Konan tripped on the muddy ground, then she fell down, and lost the loaf of beard.

Coincidentally, she fell down in front of Naito.

The loaf beard also landed under Natios feet.

Which one will he pick… Konan or loaf bread?

The problem is when you get in the middle of the Ninja world, you have to stop caring about this kind of situation, but Naito couldnt do that.

Whether its Konan, Yahiko, or Nagato they are very important, especially Nagato.

The future of these three will change the whole fate of the Ninja world.

After he picked the loaf bread with one hand, Naito extended his hand and reached Konan, then he helped her stand up.

“Thank you… Thank you.”

After he helped her, Konana subconsciously hugged him then thanked him.

At this time she wasnt that cold girl like she was in the original story.

Because she was running for that long distance, she was a little bit breathless.

“Its nothing.”

Naito nodded at her, then he let go of her.

“Konana, are you okay!”

On the other side, Yahiko who noticed the situation run over toward her, to see if shes okay.

At this time, the seller who was running behind them caught up to the place where the three of them were standing.

“Catch those three over there! They are thieves!!”

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