The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 90: One Punch!


When Yahiko and Konan heard what Naito said, they got stunned.

Yahiko couldnt help but laugh, then he said: “Oh! Yes, Am also a Ninja, well sure I have a long way before I can call myself that, but am working on being one!”

Konana smiled then looked at Naito: “Its a good thing to be a Ninja, this way you protect yourself.”

With a sad expression, Naito looked at the two of them.

Yahiko smirked then stood up and patted Naitos shoulders, and in a serious way he said: “Well, with your talent, you will definitely become a Ninja in the future!”

Naito: “…”



The sky is slightly dark.

A team of Shinobis was moving quickly in the Rain.

The leader team looked at the sky then said: “Its too late, we cant take a move in this dark, its too dangerous am afraid we will get ambushed by the enemies, we need to find a place to settle for tonight.”


The remaining Shinobis responded.

The Sand Shinobis unit had a dozen of people, and it seemed like it was divided into three teams.

The unit starts searching around.

“Captain, it seems like theres a cave ahead of us.”

“Go ahead and take a look.”

Its necessary to be cautious in this kind of situations since they dont want to get exposed by the enemies.


In the distance, somewhere in the cave, Yahiko and Konan set the fire, while they were sitting next Naito, wondering what he was thinking.

“Its not easy to find dry wood in this place, this wood was picked and dried for a long time.”

Yahiko scratched his head and smiled.

In the environment of the Rain Village, its really hard to find firewoods.

Naito was watching the fire slightly raising while he was thinking about Nagato, the reincarnation, and Madara.

After hearing this sentence, Naito looked at Yahiko and said: “Its better if we dont set up the fire.”

If you live in the village, it wouldnt be a problem of course, but living in a cave in the wilderness, fire is surely not a right idea.

Although Yahiko is not a Ninja, he has a high level of understanding, he thought about it for a moment then said: “Yes, quickly get the water and turn off the fire.”


Konan nodded then stood up and said: “I am gonna bring some water.”

She went out after she said that.

And just as she was walking toward the cave hole, her eyes suddenly changed, and her whole body stopped from moving.

“Konan, whats wrong?”

Yahiko showed a strange expression, then he couldnt help but to stand up and walk toward her.

Then his expression instantly changed, while cold sweat starts appearing on his forehead.

Seeing this scene, Naito quietly stood up after he shook his head, then he slowly walked toward them.

Outside of the cave, there was a team of Ninjas standing there, but no one entered the cave.

It was clear that they saw Yahiko and Konan in the cave.

“Captain, it appears like there are two wondering orphans inside the cave… no, three.”

A ninja looked at the two of them, and just as he start delivering the information, he saw another figure behind Konan.

Yahikos heart sank in fear.

Hes the one who said that they shouldnt interfere with Ninjas or it will be their end.

His mind starts to picture his end, but Yahiko clenched his teeth, then boldly walked out of the cave, then stopped in front of the Ninjas.


Konan looked at this scene and couldnt help but scream his name and follow him.

Naito shook his head then looked at the Ninjas.

They looked all like Chunins, and the team leader should be ranked higher than them.

Yahiko took a deep breath then looked at them and said: “If you want something, we will give it all to you, even if you want the cave we will give it to you, you just need to let us go.”

Yahiko knew that he shouldnt fantasize about taking over all of these Ninjas, so he directly surrounded himself and said that with a weak tone.

The Ninjas didnt respond to Yahikos words, they only looked at each other.

“Captain, there shouldnt be any kind of any kind of ambush in here, what do we do to these little kids? do we let them go?”

“Do not.”

The captain looked at them coldly then said: “We cant let anything behind that can discover our identity later.”


The Ninja responded, then they all stared at them.

Its true that not all Ninjas are cold-blooded murders, but when it comes to performing duties, they force themselves to be one.

The moment he heard this sentence, Yahikos face becomes pale, and he starts regretting all of his actions.

He knew he shouldnt set that fire!

He just was trying to show off how much materials he had, if he didnt do that these Ninjas wouldnt find out about this place…

Konan on the other side was too scared, her face looked very white, her blue hair became very messy due to the rain, but she wasnt unaware of any of that, she just was too scared.

She even felt like she was gonna faint.

In the face of these Ninjas, theres no way to resist, no way to escape.

In desperation she couldnt help but glance at Naito who was next to her, she kinda felt like she wanted to apologize to him.

If she didnt bring Naito all the way in here, Naito wouldnt be part of this situation.

A ninja in front of them starts printing hand signs.

“Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!”


In an instant, a big scary Fire Ball was moving toward Yahiko and Konan.

Although in this environment of the Rain Village the fire Jutsus are so weak, but still not for ordinary children like Konan and Yahiko, they cannot block it.

Well, they cant even escape it rather than blocking it!

“It over, were dead!”

Yahikos face was full of shame.

On the other side, Konan was so desperate, she wanted to apologize to Naito before dying but she couldnt even move.

At that time, Naito who kept quiet for a long time finally moved, passing by the two of them, then he stood in front of the Fire Ninjutsu.

His expression was extremely calm.

Then, With a simple move of his hand, Naito threw a punch toward the Fire Ball.

Suddenly he hit the space in front of him.

Under the power of that punch, everything turned upside down!


And the show of Horror start, the ground in front of him start shaking and breaking.

The scene was extremely scary!

As for the Fire Ball, it got shuttered into nothing, like it wasnt there in the first place.

Even the rain stopped falling at that moment, everything in front of him got destroyed.

It as if time itself stopped!

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